Rocking a look!

My sister is looking pretty cool today. I’m loving her slightly goth look. She is still staying at my flat, so she has only bought a handful of clothes with her, but she loves the leopard print jeans so much, she seems to wear them every day!
Her top/dress is a waterfall style with crucifixes all over. I borrowed it off her the other day, and now it’s her turn to wear it. She’s wearing it with her leopard print trousers and Vivienne Westwood orb necklace. Both her top and jeans are both from Glamorous






My sisters wearing my wardrobe

My sister is wearing my clothes today! She spotted my new Meadham Kirchhoff X Amazon sweatshirt and she wanted to wear it. She then spotted my very special Charlotte Olympia scarf and I let her wear it, if she promised to be careful with it. I have only worn this scarf about twice, because I love it so much.
Her cameo ring is by Mint Flamingo and the little green ring is Vivienne Westwood. She looks so cute, here are the snaps!





Product review – Elemis FreshSkin face wash and soothing eye rescue

I always enjoy Elemis products, and I’m really into the FreshSkin range. It’s designed for younger skin, and I like it because it feels light, fresh and clean. A lot of it is fragrance free, and when there is a scent, it’s generally citrus or cucumber. Fresh, light scents.
The FreshSkin exfoliating face wash is great. It does have a scent, it’s quite fruity, but only very slight. It has exfoliating beads in, which are quite gentle, but they are effective enough to do the job. I don’t like it when you can’t feel any exfoliation going on. It’s simple to use, just massage onto wet skin and rinse. It doesn’t irritate my skin, it feels clean and exfoliated without feeling striped or sore. It’s really good. I have been using it for a week now.
I have also been using the Elemis FreshSkin tired eyes soothing eye rescue. I have been using it in the morning. It is a clear gel, it is fragrance free, and it is really cooling. It really helps to open my eyes up in the morning and make my face look and free a little more alive! It helps reduce puffy eyes, and I feel like I can see a difference. It just makes my eye area look a bit brighter and healthier.
I think the FreshSkin range is brilliant. It is for a young skin, but if you are older, it’s always worth trying other Elemis ranges. As their products are brilliant.


My sisters style

My sister is in town for a few days, so I am posting all her outfits while she is here. I really like her style, it’s a little more casual than mine, a little more high street, but also hipper than my look.
Today she is wearing a George jumper, it’s cold in London so she wrapped up warm! Her trousers are the same leopard print ones she was wearing yesterday from Glamorous, they are her favourite trousers at the moment. They look really cool with her House of Holland X Superga flatform trainers. Her peg necklace is again Katie Mullally, and her orb necklace is Vivienne Weatwood, I bought it for her a couple of years ago for her birthday. She wears these necklaces a lot, sometimes alone, sometimes layered up together. Here are the snaps!






Today I went shopping…

Today I went shopping, so I thought I would share my outfit. I went to Westfield shopping centre in London.
I wore my sisters Glamorous top, it’s so cute. I couldn’t resist borrowing it off her while she is in town. I love the glitzy crusifix print. It’s pretty cool! I couldn’t resist teaming it with some gold jewellery! So I wore my Mawi panther necklace, and a vintage coin necklace, which I bought it from a charity shop years ago.

My nails are painted with Models Own Pro shade Candy Pink. The top coat is called Pi-ya-no by I love NP, I love my nails today, I think I may have to do this combination again! It’s really cute!

I took my beautiful Chanel bag out shopping with me. I couldn’t resist taking a snap of it while I stopped for coffee…

And yes… I went to Jo Malone, I just love stocking up on scented candles!

My sisters in town and I’m loving her look!

My sister is in town and she is looking pretty cool! I really like her style, so I thought while she is around I would take some snaps of her looks!
Today she is wearing a leopard print pair of skinny jeans by and a grey top with studded shoulders, again by I love the slashed sleeves, it looks really rock ‘n’ roll!
Her peg necklace is by Katie Mullally, I bought it for her for Christmas, because she always admired mine! The other necklace is by Vivienne Westwood.
Her rings are by Westwood and Topshop for the owl ring.
Her flatforms are too cool. They are by House of Holland X Superga.
I’m loving her look today, it’s really rock n roll, with a fun twist!