Holiday season!

It’s coming up to holiday season and I’m on the lookout for a new swimming costume! I’m a massive fan of a one piece, they are simple, classic and far more flattering.
Scandale are a French heritage brand, they have been around since the 1930’s, but this is their first dive into the swimwear market! They make it look easy and oh-so-chic!
This perfect retro style swimsuit has my approval, isn’t it cute?


The great festival all-rounder

Going to a festival this summer? Dr Bronner’s is like the one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs!
From showering to washing your pots and pans, this product has one function… To clean!
You can even wash you clothes with this product, it’s pretty cool! You can buy handy travel sized products too, so you only take what you need.
Personally I love it as a shower gel, but I have also been known to do my hand-washing with Dr Bronners too, it’s the only cleaning product you need at a festival, for both you and your things! Very handy!


Festival ready!

How perfect are these Weleda travel sized products for festivals?
Weleda products are really lovely; all natural, ethical and fair trade. Smelling delicious and herbal and with these ethics, you can take them to any festival you want and hold you head high!


Spa times and delicious dinner!

This weekend I went to my favourite spa hotel, The Grove Hotel in North London. I love everything about it here, the spa, the service, the rooms, it’s all wonderful. I have blogged about it before. It’s just perfect!
So this weekend I was back at the spa, it was exactly what I needed! The food at the spa is incredible… Look what we ate!
Dinner last night was incredible, so I thought it was only right I dressed up for the occasion! So I wore my polka dot H&M dress, my shoes, bag, ring and necklace are all Vivienne Westwood.









Spa times are coming!

I think we all know I love a spa visit, one in a while (or a little more often!) and I am very excited I am heading back to The Grove Hotel very soon for a little more rest and relaxation. I have been traveling so much this month, it will be lovely to go back there. It’s by Princesse Tam Tam at Amazon and I LOVE it! Perfect for spas and holidays! Modest, black, simple, chic and with a twist! Perfect!


Spa times at The Grove Hotel

This weekend I ventured 18 miles North of London to Hertfordshire to the wonderful The Grove Hotel. January is a long hard month and a perfect opportunity to take a spa weekend in preparation for all the fashion weeks coming up over the next month.
The Grove’s location is perfect for anyone living in London who wants to escape to the country but not drive too far. The hotel has 5 stars, as well as a top notch golf course, spa and 3 restaurants.
The hotel is a country estate, so it is beautiful on the outside with modern decorations on the inside. The spa is modern and has luxurious facilities such as therapies, pool, saunas, hydrotherapy and heat treatments. The products used in the spa are by Espa which I absolutely adore the scent and quality of. It’s such a treat to use them after a good steam!
I love a back, neck and shoulder massage personally, but there’s a whole heap of treatments you can have. The steam room is perfect, the hydrotherepy pool is lovely, the sun loungers are comfortable and there’s always magazines and papers around to be read. The sun loungers are comfortable and great to have a snooze in between treatments and hydrotherepy. I pretty much love this spa, it’s really relaxing, it’s really chilled and it has a great atmosphere. It’s a nice mix couples and friends. It doesn’t seem to attract too many hen parties either. It tends not to be as busy as other more famous spas either, but the facilities are just as good. I didn’t take my phone into the spa, but I did take a couple of snaps of the changing room, the spa rooms is just as beautiful


I also pop into the juice bar, what a smoothie… Delicious! So the spa is pretty special, now onto the hotel…
In the hotel the products in the bathroom are by The White Company, again more great products which really love to use. The bathrooms have a roll-top bath, there are so many towels and robes, the bed is incredibly comfortable and the room service is second to none.
The Grove have all those details I love, valet parking, complimentary chocolates on the front desk, antiques, art, brilliant TVs, turn downs at the end of the day. The view is also beautiful, I took this photo from our balcony.

The rooms are clean and modern, and the bathrooms are just stunning. I think the bathrooms at The Grove are just wonderful, so luxurious! Here’s a few snaps of the bathroom.


In the evening we went to the Glasshouse for dinner, we have been before, it’s beautiful, the service is amazing. It’s incredible food, so much choice, loads of salads, fish, stir fry and so much more. It is £50 a head, and it’s basically a buffet, but a really really nice one, of beautiful foods, which are really delicious. You can see them chefs making the food behind and it’s all very lovely! The deserts are incredible too, I had wonderful meringues, my personal favourite desert!
In the morning, we had breakfast in the bedroom, there’s no breakfast on a tray here, it’s wheeled in on a table! It’s all beautifully cooked, beautifully presented and delicious. We had English breakfast with a latte and smoothies. I also had some sneaky banana pancakes with maple syrup over. I just loved it! Here’s some snaps.



I love The Grove Hotel, the hotel is beautiful, as is the spa and the food is incredible, it really offers the best of everything, it’s just lovely! I’m feeling so relaxed and refreshed now, it’s a wonderful weekend away! I’ll leave you with a few more pictures I took, and I’d you ever get the chance to go, you should!