Fierce and Modest!

I’m very partial to a weekend at a spa, London gets so stressful and there is nothing nicer than going to a spa for a little but of relaxation. One of my favourites is the The Grove, just outside of London.

It’s always hard knowing what to wear to a spa, as you do spend most of your time in swimwear and a dressing gown. Personally, I think a one piece is the most appropriate swimwear at a spa. I feel like a tropical bikini looks a bit beachy, so I always feel a black one-piece is the most suitable thing to wear. As we as being modest and comfortable, it’s chic and classic, and not too showy.

I’m obsessed with this swimming costume from super cool swimwear label We Are Handsome, I think is really cool, really sleek and chic. I think it’s perfect for spas or any fabulous holiday! Think Miami, think LA, I love this bad boy! It’s the classic black one piece with a big fierce fabulous twist!