Today I’m wearing

It’s a chilly day and quite frankly I felt a jumper was the only way to go! So today I’m wearing a grey Barbour jumper, Vivienne Westwood orb necklace and vintage Burberry silk scarf.
On my feet, my beloved Vivienne Westwood three strap shoes! If anyone is ever considering buying these, all I can say is you should! I have had them for years, the quality is amazing, they still look good, they don’t look dated and naff and they are still going strong! They are one of my best shoe buys ever!



Celebration time!

Tonight I’m off to a wedding party, it seems a bit of a celebration theme sneaked into my outfit today. Today I’m wearing a colourful floral dress with a black jumper over the top. Without thinking about it, I put on this balloon necklace, not for any significance, just because the colours matched my dress. Then I realised I must just be ready for the party!

Then I got to thinking, what would be the ultimate celebration dress? Well I think it would have to be this ultra chic and ultra fun MSGM dress. Perfect for any party which is going off with a bang! Isn’t it amazing?!


I carried a watermelon!

I bloody love these tights! Tropical and fun! I need these to brighten up autumn days and Sunday lounging!
They are just so much fun, tempted to wear them with a dress, print on print with clashing jewellery! I just love them! Take a bite!


Markus Lupfer dress love!

I just adore Markus Lupfer, I swear I have a different garment on my wish list every week! I love love love what he does!
Here are some dresses I have been lusting over recently. View them all on his website.
The bat dress is beyond perfect in the run up to Halloween, but it’s also just a perfect dress! I’m also smitten with the stars dress.
The print dress is silk (only the finest materials are used at MLHQ!) and based on a Kaleidoscope pattern. It’s currently sold out, but hopefully there will be more soon! As is the tinsel knit dress. But let’s be honest. Dresses this hot sell out fast! And Markus Lupfer is HOT!





Kokon To Zai sample sale!

I just love KTZ, I love the whole range, it is worn by the super hip like Lady Gaga and Rita Ora.

Best news ever?! There’s an end of line sample sale in their Greek Street branch. It started yesterday and it’s always worth checking out. Ching Ching!
Don’t know who they are?!


Minnie Mouse Project at London Fashion Week

Minnie Mouse has been a busy lady this season inspiring a whole host of designers, from Giles to Hillier, from Piers to Nicoll. This is one hell of an exhibition! After is has been on show at LFW, it will be auctioned off on eBay, I’m not going to lie… I’m interested!

This exhibition was so good, I just loved it! Everything was displayed in red and white polka dot cabinets, every designer was photographed with a Minnie Mouse in the corner of the studio. Everyone had a different take on their muse, and they had all taken her iconography to a different place. Here are my photos… If you are at London Fashion Week pop along and see this. It is really lovely! When you go to reception to get your pass, it is just in the corridor on the left.