Folk love

I used to feel jealous of the great clothes boys bought from Folk. I always thought they did great clothing, which is chic and wearable, but always with a tiny fun twist. Quite frankly, I was a little jealous, I wanted the girl version.
I think the whole of East London did a shout of joy when it was announced Folk were going to do their first ever womenswear collection.
I have been into the East London shop a few times, and I now have my heart set on this dress. I love the dusty pink, the subtle Peter pan collar, the vintage styling, the pockets. I think it’s lovely. So pretty, so wearable, it also really simple and fun. It could be styled up so many different ways and be worn hundreds of times! I love!


Today I’m wearing

Today is a lazy Sunday, I walked down to the local shops and bought some things from the deli to munch on for lunch and dinner. I didn’t feel like getting dressed up much, nor matching my clothes! So today I’m wearing a navy blue vintage dress with double breasted buttons down the front. I’m wearing it with a vintage Aquascutum coat, again double breasted.
I teamed it with a necklace I love by Sägen, which I bought from Anthropologie ages ago. I love this necklace, it’s a small circle of a vintage plate which has been cut out of the plate and set into Stirling silver. Each necklace is different by them and each one is hand made in Sweden. I really love it, it’s really special and unusual. I also love the pop of orange!

I am wearing a little more orange today, in the form of these bright orange shoes from Atika’s shoe store of Marrakech. If you are going to Marrakech you must pop in, their shoes are amazingly well made! My bag doesn’t really go, with the orange and navy look I have going on today, as it’s a bright orange and black scarf print 80s bag. But it fits my shopping in and it’s quite fun! It’s amazing what you can find at a charity shop, this bag cost £2!


Classic jewels!

I’m obsessed with scarves, I adore them! This season is very exciting for me as there’s a lot of classic scarf prints around, but not just on scarves, they have found their way onto other things too!
This Versace dress is so scarf-like and I love it! It’s so classic Versace, it’s brilliant! It’s from and it’s brilliant!
Ps-my styling advice would be to wear it with a crown on your head, much like the one in the print! Brilliant!


Pearls and tea

Today I’m wearing a black lace polka dot dress from h&m, I used to wear SO many polka dots but I have stopped wearing them these days. But I do really love this dress, as the polka dots are in the lace.
I’m wearing it with a Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace and my beautiful Twinings X Temperley scarf, which I love and I never seem to take off!

On my feet I’m wearing my Vivienne Westwood roman three strap shoes, still going strong after years of wear and classic black Pretty Polly tights! They are fantastic quality and a great price. Plus I love anything made in the UK!


Oh no! There’s make-up on my top!

I just adore this top from, it is so cute!
It is by Cheap & Chic by Moschino and it is the most adorable make-up print, made from 100% silk and has pearls round the neck. It really is so chic and so cute! I love Moschino at the best of times, but this is a real cutie!


PS. If you have never bought from before, it’s a great website to buy from, their customer service is fantastic, their shipping rates are really good and they often send you codes for money off new collections! So it’s a great website to shop on, plus their buyers pick fantastic pieces!