Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage brown leather bag, I love this bag, as it is vintage, but it is also a perfect shape and size for an iPad. I like to think of it as a cute fashion version of a classic briefcase!
I’m wearing a vintage dress with big 60s flowers all over, Models Own glitter nail varnish and a Sagan Sweden ring. It’s a bit of a vintage day for me!
My tights are new though, they are Pretty Polly fleece lined tights. They are doing a great job of keeping my legs toasty warm!



Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage jumper, it’s so cosy, I can’t tear myself away from this thing. I’m all about keeping warm at the moment! I’m wearing it with a vintage umbrella print scarf and my beloved Chanel pearls. They were probably one of the best gifts I have ever been given! I love them!

In all other news, I’m still hooked on buying indie nail polish on Etsy and I’m also using Bliss lip scrub and Lanolips lip balm like my life depends on it! My skin is so dry from the cold, these two products and helping me not too look like I live in a cave!


Today I’m wearing

Today it’s freeeeezing in London, so I’m hunkering down in my red vintage sequinned jumper (again!) it’s so warm, I can barely take it off my back at the moment! I just don’t want to wear anything else! I’m wearing it with my Gemma Lister collar and Vivienne Westwood apple brooch. I nipped out earlier in my warmest black coat, Pirate boots and vintage Longchamp bag.
A girl has to keep warm!



Today I’m wearing

Today I’m feeling very pink! I couldn’t help myself, I know it’s a summer dress, but I really wanted to wear my pink and white striped vintage dress! It’s so cute, I love a candy stripe, I love this dress! I’m wearing it with a Moschino circle shaped scarf which has teddy bears, stars, rainbows printed all over it! It’s really adorable, when I bought it, I had no money, but i just had to buy it! To toughen the look up I paired it with a silver Vivienne Westwood orb necklace.


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage red jumper, it’s cold outside at the moment, so a warm jumper is the only way to go! Personally I always try and make sure I’m warm, but I have some blinging accessories going on! My red jumper is covered in beads and sequins, my collar is made my Gemma Lister, and my necklace is by Katie Mullally. I absolutely love this collar, I love it so much that I have to stop myself from wearing it every day! If I could, I would wear it every day, but it’s so special I want to keep it looking perfect! It seems to make every top, jumper, dress so much better!


Today I’m wearing

Today is a double scarf print day! My scarf is vintage Gucci, I love a classic scarf print, so today I decided to match a classic scarf print scarf with a vintage scarf print dress! When I was getting dress this morning it really made me chuckle! I’m wearing it with a big Vivienne Westwood necklace. I think it’s an odd looking necklace, but I really like it!