Today I’m wearing

Today I’m feeling very pink! I couldn’t help myself, I know it’s a summer dress, but I really wanted to wear my pink and white striped vintage dress! It’s so cute, I love a candy stripe, I love this dress! I’m wearing it with a Moschino circle shaped scarf which has teddy bears, stars, rainbows printed all over it! It’s really adorable, when I bought it, I had no money, but i just had to buy it! To toughen the look up I paired it with a silver Vivienne Westwood orb necklace.


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage red jumper, it’s cold outside at the moment, so a warm jumper is the only way to go! Personally I always try and make sure I’m warm, but I have some blinging accessories going on! My red jumper is covered in beads and sequins, my collar is made my Gemma Lister, and my necklace is by Katie Mullally. I absolutely love this collar, I love it so much that I have to stop myself from wearing it every day! If I could, I would wear it every day, but it’s so special I want to keep it looking perfect! It seems to make every top, jumper, dress so much better!


Today I’m wearing

Today is a double scarf print day! My scarf is vintage Gucci, I love a classic scarf print, so today I decided to match a classic scarf print scarf with a vintage scarf print dress! When I was getting dress this morning it really made me chuckle! I’m wearing it with a big Vivienne Westwood necklace. I think it’s an odd looking necklace, but I really like it!


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage floral dress I feel like I have had for years! I jazzed it up with a clashing print Laura Ashley scarf, and my beloved Katie Mullally peg necklace. I love this peg necklace, I think it’s so cute!


I heart a velvet dress

I have fallen in love with this dress by Draw in Light on, I love it’s simple chic lines, the black velvet, the sheer patches and the big heart. Beautiful but totally totally cute. I love it’s 90s vibe, it’s right out of a my make believe Courtney Love wardrobe. I LOVE it!


Today I’m wearing…

Today I’m wearing a JCDC dungaree print top. I love this tee shirt, it’s so cute and fun, it makes me feel really happy when I wear it! I love JCDC, so when I bought this top I was so excited! I’m wearing it with a cos skirt and my beloved Minni Mawi ring. I’m also now wearing Models Own nail varnish, dancing queen… Well it is Saturday!