Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Reviews

I find the Victoria’s Secret brand so interesting. I don’t often shop there, but I love reading about them as a business and a brand. From their history, to their explosive catwalk shows, this brand have changed the way girls think about and shop for underwear. They have make their models into household names and they have a fan base so huge and dedicated, any brand would kill for their level of following. They have shops so big they are basically department stores of underwear and little else. Victoria’s Secret is a phenomenon.

On a Saturday morning, at 9:55am you can see people outside the Bond Street store waiting for the doors to open. All day long you will see crowds of people outside; taking selfies, looking at the window displays and generally just hanging around outside the underwear mecca, clutching pink striped bags and looking happy.

To be fair, their bra’s are good, so are their knickers, they have a huge selection of undergarments. Everything from sports bras, to tee-shirt bra’s to something a little more ‘Fancy’. Every colour, every size, every fabric, you name it, they have it!

Victoria’s Secret also have a large range of perfumes and since I love perfumes, I wanted to give them a whirl and see what I think of them. So here are my Victoria’s Secret Fragrance reviews.

First of all, Victoria’s Secret have just released a collection of Limited Edition Fragrance Mists, I have my hands of three of them; Sexy Escape Ocean, Sexy Escape Island, Sexy Escape Paradise.

These fragrance mists all come in big square, plastic bottles. They are really pretty with ombre colours, each bottle is different shades and they look really cute. They are not perfume or they are fragrance mists, which I *think* is a fancy version of a body spray. I am sure these are aimed at girls slightly younger than I am, I can imagine school girls go nuts for these, they are perfect for holiday’s with friends, days in the mall and gym kits. They are perfect for displaying in your room and showing them to your friends, you would probably want to collect the full set too, as they look so nice together.

All these mists are very summery, floral, fruit and youthful. They come in fun packaging and they are like teenage holidays in the sun with friends, eating tropical fruits and berries with flowers in your hair. They do smell quite alcoholic when you first spray them, but they settle down after about one minute and then they develop into the scents they were intended to smell like. They also wear off pretty quickly, but I remember being young and really enjoying reapplying body spray during the day. Since these bottles are so big, even if you do reapply, they will last a good amount of time.

Ocean is a fresh scent in a blue bottle, it’s floral and fruity, containing pink current, fresh peach and island peony. It smells like a holiday, and the main scents I can smell are cherries and peach with a tiny hint of flowers. Island is again fresh, fruity and floral, in a pink bottle. Containing the scent of star fruit, jasmine petals and white amber. This fragrance is more floral with a hint of fruit. Again, it is really fresh and summery, it smells like a tropical summer holiday. Paradise is more tropical, it smells like citrus and tropical fruits with a hint of floral. Think pineapples, mangos, pina coladas and jasmine. It smells like a cocktail on a beach.
victoria's secret fragrance mist These fragrance mists are not my style, I’m too old. They are for teenage girls and maybe girls in their early 20’s, they are tropical, fun and fresh and look cute on your dressing table. They are actually a great price and I am sure young girls will love these and they will last a whole lot longer than a tiny can of Impulse’s Vanilla Kisses did in the 90s. If your teenage girl asks you for one of these for her birthday, it’s not a bad gift, she’s going to love it, it will last for ages and make her friends jealous/impressed!
victoria's secret heavenly perfume So, let’s move on to the eau de parfum, Heavenly. It is in a retro glamorous glass bottle and it has been a signature scent of the Angels for 13 years now. It contains white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. It lingers on the skin all day long with no need to reapply, it is warm, pretty, floral, feminine and sexy. It is not my style, but it is really nice and it is aimed for women and if floral, feminine, sexy scents are for you, this is a really good perfume.

So what do I think of the Victoria’s Secrets scents? The fragrance mists are perfect for young girls, pretty packaging, fresh young scents in a big bottle. A glamorous, yet reasonably priced version of a body spray. If you are a Victoria’s Secret girl, they are perfect for you. As for Heavenly, the Eau de Parfum, this is aimed at woman. This one is my favourite by far; the bottle is glamorous, the scent lasts all day and it is a pretty, sexy perfume. If you are a Victoria’s Secret woman, this is perfect for you and a really fair price.

Are you an Angel?

Penhaligon’s Tralala

Let’s take a minute to talk about Penhaligon’s Tralala! meadham kirchhoff x penhaligon's tralala perfume cologneIt’s official! I have Meadham Kirchhoff fever again! Remember how much I loved the ‘Courtney Love inspired’ collection? Since then I have purchased too much of the Topshop collaboration, attended their studio sample sale, saw their V&A show and generally swooned over everything they have ever designed on Tumblr.

I am so excited I have a bottle of the new Penhaligon’s perfume, it is inspired by the world of Meadham Kirchhoff and it is incredible! Think Whisky, saffron, violet, ylang ylang, cedarwood, vanilla and so much more. It is a beautiful perfume and not because it is inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff, I really do love this perfume. It smells warm and rich, with layers and layers scents and both sweet and spicy notes, it smells like old Hollywood might have done.

I see the Meadham Kirchhoff boys roaming around East London and believe it or not, I don’t run over to them. Instead I try not to look directly at them… like the sun!

What do you think of Penhaligon’s Tralala? Isn’t the packaging beautiful too? There is nothing that I don’t love about this perfume!

Jo Malone London ‘Silk Blossom’

It’s finally summer and it is time for a new summery perfume from Jo Malone London! This May saw the release of their new Limited Edition cologne, Silk Blossom. silk blossom fashion for lunch - jo malone london I popped into Selfridges this weekend to take a sniff and instantly fell in love with it. It is only around for the summer, so if you want it, you have to snap it up fast. The bottle is a joy too, with it’s hint of pink and the beautiful tassel which has been designed to mimic the silk blossom flower! Think of Apricots with a touch of spice; White Pepper, Silk Blossom and Moss. It’s summery, fresh, floral and fruity. It is of course, beautifully balanced and neither one nor the other. It is not too fruity, nor too floral, it has just a hint of spice and a hint of wood. It is the yin and yang of summer and it is lovely! This scent also comes as a home candle, of which all proceeds from this candle will go towards the Jo Malone London gardens charity. The brand collaborate with dedicated charities around the world to bring marginalised and deprived neighbourhoods with beautiful scented gardens to lift spirits and improve lives. This candle is beautiful in many ways! Make sure you pop into your local Jo Malone London store or stockist soon to check out this limited edition scent. I know I’m smitten, are you?

Jo Malone: rain!

In Britain, we love talking about the weather, every day, we chat about weather! We can’t get enough of it! Hot, cold, rain, sun, we talk about the weather!

We don’t normally celebrate the rain, but Jo Malone London never do what you expect of them. Their new launch, London Rain, celebrates our weather! What does it smell like? Dreamy, fresh, exciting, romantic… It’s like rain in a movie! Glamorous, romantic, fresh, clean rain!

The range is made up of four different scents which come in the most beautiful bottles. It’s always worth buying a limited edition Jo Malone London scent and this one is pure perfection!

Rain & Angelica
Glassy beads of dew, awakening
a London park at dawn. A revitalising scent, enlivened with herbaceous angelica and juicy lime on an earthy base of vetiver. Aqueous and clear.
Top Note: Rain Accord
Heart Note: Angelica
Base Note: Vetiver

Wisteria & Violet
A soft morning shower, soaking the purple wisteria cascading over London stone walls. Infused with the wet-petal scent of violets and water lily. Rainwashed and intoxicating.
Top Note: Water Lily
Heart Note: Wisteria
Base Note: Patchouli

White Jasmine & Mint
An afternoon cloudburst, drenching gardens exuberant with jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Eccentric with its dash of scrambling wild mint. Enchanting and refreshing.
Top Note: Fresh Mint Leaf
Heart Note: Heirloom Jasmine
Base Note: Maté Leaf

Black Cedarwood & Juniper
Midnight rain. Seductive with
the carnal touch of cumin, chilli leaves, and aromatic juniper. Dark with cedarwood. Humid with moss. Modern and urban.
Top Note: Cumin
Heart Note: Juniper
Base Note: Black Cedarwood

Launching in March, these are on my Spring Wish List! Don’t you love the way Jo Malone London always do something different to what you expect, but still keep it so classy?

What’s your favourite Jo Malone London Scent?
jo malone london - london rain cologne perfume collection

Tralala by Penhaligon’s

This April, Penhaligon’s will release Tralala, a new fragrance inspired by the fantastical universe of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff. Meadham Kirchhoff have a long history of working with Penhaligon’s, their last nine shows at London Fashion Week have had a scented catwalk. Using scents such as Bluebell, Castile, English Fern and my personal favourite, Cornubia to add a little something extra to the mood of the collection. Tralala is an opulent, hedonistic blend created by Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Bertrand immersed himself in the designers East London studio to capture the very essence of Penhaligon’s muses. Intriguingly addictive, Tralala evokes the interplay of glamour and retrospection favoured by Meadham Kirchhoff. Saffron, whiskey, ambrette seed and green violet weave through carnation, orris, tuberose and ylang ylang, layered over soft and supple leather, resins and balsams, dusted with the sensuous and powdery note of heliotrope. Dazzlingly bright and sublimely sensual, Tralala is a beguiling and addictive piece of counter culture couture. Head Notes: Aldehydes, Saffron, Whiskey, Ambrette Seed Butter, Galbanum, Violet Leaf Absolute. Heart Notes: Carnation, Leather, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Orris, Incense. Base Notes: Myrrh Resinoid, Opoponax Absolute, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Heliotrope, Musk, Vanilla. This perfume will be exclusively available from the 21st April from Harvey Nichols. From 5th May it will be sold in Penhaligon’s boutiques and online at I have smelt a tiny tester of this perfume and it is rich, dark and glamorous. I absolutely adore it and obviously I’m a Meadham Kirchhoff fiend, so this is hot on my wishlist! penhaligions x meadham kirchhoff tralala

Jo Malone London ‘Just Like Sunday’

This week saw the launch of the new Jo Malone London‘s candle collection, ‘Just Like Sunday’.

It is a beautiful range of four fabulous candles for the home, designed to give you a moment of relaxation and give you Sunday vibes whenever you use them… A pause in the week.

This range of candles lets you wake up in crisp, white linen sheets. It takes you out to the greenhouse, with all the fresh, vine ripened tomatoes. It gives you a hearty lunch followed by a sumptuous afternoon tea with delicious macaroons. Then it lets you curl up in front of a fire and relax in the evening. Whichever part of Sunday you want to relive, this range of candles will help take you there!

Lavender & Lovage; Think of crisp, white sheets and the comfort of lavender linen… clean and relaxing.
Laced with the aniseed twist of garden lovage. Deepened with herbaceous rosemary and thyme.
This candle is calm and aromatic.

Green Tomato Leaf; Remember summer’s glasshouse tomatoes? Earthy, leafy and
full of sunshine. Crisp with
stem-green galbanum. Lively with artemesia, fruity with cassis, resting on a cushion of moss.
This candle is tangy and evocative.

Sweet Almond & Macaroon; Delectable macaroons during afternoon tea. A comforting confection of sweet almond
and creamy coconut. Rich with cherries. Softened by vanilla.
This candle is warm and cocooning.

Incense & Embers; Curls of smoky incense. Brightened with silver fir and white pepper. Sensual with napa leather on a base of elegant vetiver and golden amber.
This candle is contemplative and relaxing.

Don’t you just love Jo Malone London? I adore their beautiful scents and I can’t wait to try these out!


The gift of Jo Malone!

It is no secret that I absolutely adore Jo Malone London, if I could afford to, I would have every single cologne they do and put them into a cabinet, the modern version of a spirit cabinet, but way more fancy!

Jo Malone London make such good gifts as everyone loves their beautiful perfumes and skin products. Not only do they smell beautiful, but the last all day and the skin products work great too, they really are a treat! I have yet to find a Jo Malone London product I don’t like!

If your feeling festive, but have not yet finished your Christmas shopping, look no further! John Lewis now sell Jo Malone and they are making it beyond easy to buy! Not only can you pop in to the store, order online as normal, but you can also order and collect from your local Waitrose. Pretty easy right?

Order yours now, it’s a wonderful gift! These items below are my personal picks, I love their soap and the price makes it a great stocking filler, the body cream is a joy, the cologne is a must and the bath oil is a wonderful treat! For those who want to really treat their loved ones, there is a beautiful gift box of home fragrances, which is a wonderful festive treat which will last you well beyond the spring clean! I have the room spray and my mum has the diffuser…both are amazing!

I love Jo Malone London and so does everyone else I know! So buy your loved one some this Christmas, I promise you they will love it!

jo malone london - fashion for lunch

jo malone london christmas gift