Winter Candle Joy!

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It is cold and dark, but there are somethings you can do in Winter, that you just can’t do in Summer, for example, drinking hot chocolate instead of tea (with no judgement).

Another thing you can do in Winter, is burn luxury scented candles all day, every day. Just for fun, just because it’s winter. Personally, I like to think they beat the Winter blues. I also like to think they give me extra heat and light in the living room during the dark and cold months.

My current favourite is this Aromatherapy Associates Joy candle. It has three wicks, so the scent fills the room fast and it burns evenly. It is a combination of Ginger and Rose and it is really warm, floral and spicy.

Don’t let the cold weather get you down; light a candle, make a hot chocolate and have a lovely day!

Cath Kidston Cosmetics bag!

The sun is shining and I am on a mission to tidy and organise my flat, the problem I have is that I love ‘stuff’. I seem to accumulate new things; shoes, handbags, beauty products… you name it, I’ve got lots! So my task in hand, is to organise, tidy and make my flat look really cute, while still keeping everything accessible.

I recently got this cosmetics bag by Cath Kidston. It is a beautiful fresh, clean print, it looks adorable in my bathroom and I am using it to store all my bathroom products. The bag looks really pretty in my bathroom during the day, and then when it is shower time, I have everything in one place ready for use. It is so nice to have clear bathroom surfaces too!

20140519-112354.jpgI wanted this cosmetics case as it is a really pretty print, great quality and it is also machine washable. It looks cute in my bathroom, it holds everything I need and it even has handles for when I take it on my travels!20140519-112359.jpgCath Kidston cosmetics bags are currently on sale, so if you want one, it might be worth snapping one up soon! I’m not the neatest girl in the world, but it is really great to be able to organise areas of your flat and still make them look really pretty as well as functional20140519-112405.jpg

I’m so happy with my new Cath Kidston cosmetics bag, I have actually been considering buying some Cath Kidston towels and bathrobe from the John Lewis website to go with it, I think it would make my tiny London bathroom a whole heap cuter! What do you think?cath kidston bath robe and matching towels - john lewis

Beauty notes – Product shown are Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod bath and shower gel / Burt’s Bees radiance toner / Dermalogica Clear Start face scrub / Leonor Greyl Shampoo / Burt’s Bees Cleanser

Winter Lavender and a White Christmas Candle!

The evenings are drawing in and Christmas is obviously on it’s way! Winter evenings are for staying in, watching films by the fire and drinking hot chocolate and herbal teas! The only other thing a perfect winter evening needs is a delightful scented candle or room spray.

The White Company make the most beautiful Winter home fragrances. I adore them! At the moment I am spritzing my humble flat with the delightful scent of White Lavender. It’s a beautiful blend of lavender with Sicilian lemon and basil. It’s relaxing scent, yet the lemon and basil liven it up slightly. It’s lovely! The spritz give your room and instant burst new energy.

For December, I have a beautiful new scented candle, called White Christmas. It has a beautiful combination of almond blossom with notes of frankincense, neroli and honeysuckle. This candle is crazy beautiful, I am forcing myself to wait until closer to Christmas to crack it open, as it is a real festive treat! Until that time though, I have the dreamy scent of the White Lavender room spray.

The great thing about candles and room sprays is that you can control the scent and they work instantly. Diffusers give a constant hum of scent, but I love the instant burst of fragrance that a room spray gives, these ones by The White Company are beautiful and perfect for Winter.

The White Company have some beautiful items on their website and in stores at the moment, and they make beautiful gifts for friends a family which are simple yet chic!



Current obsessions!

At the moment I am totally obsessed with…

Katy’s kettle corn, I just can’t get enough of these bad boys. It’s like popcorn met crisps and had a party with sugar and salt! Yum yum! It’s not every day you get to eat popstar snacks, thanks to popchips, Katy Perry may well make better snacks than songs!

Balloon ceiling light by John Moncrief. I spotted these in a cafe in Shoreditch and I absolutely adore them! The ‘string’ is the cord to turn it on and off, it is so pretty, so much fun and do usual. I think for the price this is an incredible centre piece for any room! I want one SO badly!!!!

I have a pair of Croon Shoes, I adore them! Now I want another pair! Arn’t they dreamy???

I love Katie Mullally jewellery, but this rose necklace is just so beautiful! It’s romantic and chic. Perfect worn alone or layered up! J’adore! Made in England and makes me happy!


Weekend vibes

Here’s some snaps from my weekend…

I took a walk in the country to a local pub for a delicious latte, a delicious BBQ, a spot a shopping in the delightful POP perfume boutique, which was covered in flowers for RHS Tatton Park, plenty of homemade Malibu Rum cocktails and lots of relaxing!

What did you do this weekend?