Current obsessions!

At the moment I am totally obsessed with…

Katy’s kettle corn, I just can’t get enough of these bad boys. It’s like popcorn met crisps and had a party with sugar and salt! Yum yum! It’s not every day you get to eat popstar snacks, thanks to popchips, Katy Perry may well make better snacks than songs!

Balloon ceiling light by John Moncrief. I spotted these in a cafe in Shoreditch and I absolutely adore them! The ‘string’ is the cord to turn it on and off, it is so pretty, so much fun and do usual. I think for the price this is an incredible centre piece for any room! I want one SO badly!!!!

I have a pair of Croon Shoes, I adore them! Now I want another pair! Arn’t they dreamy???

I love Katie Mullally jewellery, but this rose necklace is just so beautiful! It’s romantic and chic. Perfect worn alone or layered up! J’adore! Made in England and makes me happy!


Weekend vibes

Here’s some snaps from my weekend…

I took a walk in the country to a local pub for a delicious latte, a delicious BBQ, a spot a shopping in the delightful POP perfume boutique, which was covered in flowers for RHS Tatton Park, plenty of homemade Malibu Rum cocktails and lots of relaxing!

What did you do this weekend?







Product review- Dr. Organic lavender Pure Oil

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, I really hate it, when I travel it throws my body clock off balance, but I love love love using Dr Organic Lavender pure oil and sprinkling a few drops on my pillow. It’s so relaxing and really helps my fall into a deep sleep and feel more rested in the morning.
This product is a brilliant price and made by Dr Organic so it is organic and high quality. I absolutely love this product! If you have minor issues sleeping, this is a lovely natural aid.


Laura, this is lovely!

I really love this Laura Ashley toile bedding. It’s a really fun take on a classic print! Traditionally toile prints come in blue, grey, even greens, but never before have I seen a pink toile print! I just love this, it’s just the cutest thing. It is also rather lovely as 10% of every sale goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
This bedding is charming and supports a great cause!
I love Laura Ashley products, they are great quality and really enjoyable. I grew up in a house full of Laura Ashley and I still love it so much I actually own a few shares in them! They are a great British company!


Bloglovin’ fun

Bloglovin’ is a great place you can follow all your blogs from in just one place!
When you sign up it suggests great blogs you can start following, then you can search for any others you like. Or go to a blog and click the link from there. So you get to see all the blogs you follow in one place. Easy!!!

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Thrift lights up my life!

I really needed to share this photo I took of my bedside lamp, it’s a pierrot the clown lamp, with a sad clown as the lamp base and a Pierrot lampshade. I got it from a charity shop and I love it! It’s just so pretty in my bedroom! I love reading by the light of this lamp, and it only cost me £3!