Festive scents!

At my parents house, there is a tube of L’Occitane hand cream in every single room. My parents just can’t get enough of it, in fact there is soap in every bathroom, shower gel in the showers, you name it, they love L’Occitaine! I must agree though, it is beautiful product, I love the rustic French-chic feel to all the packaging, I love the big bars of soap, I love the scents and I love moisturisers. The scents for me is what really attracts me to the brand, I just love it, they are rich and full and really linger on the skin. The lavender is a particular favourite of mine.

Since my parents seem to own one of everything from L’Occitane, I’m so excited to tell you that there are two new scents launched for Christmas, both are fresh and light and not flavoured with orange and cinnamon. These are not festive scents at all, they are delightful and summery!

The two new scents are Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves, both are really fresh and pleasing. The Marvellous Flowers smells like a massive bunch of flowers, loads of roses and just generally massively floral and fresh! Magical Leaves is also fresh and summer, but more fruity and fresh. I can smell citrus and also vanilla and hazel it’s lovely! For me I love the magical leaves scent, it’s beautiful and exactly my kind of thing. I would always recommend l’occitaine as a gift or for friends and family, the hand creams are perfect, the shower gels are delightful and so are the soaps. Oh how I love beauty products!!! Let’s so our Christmas shopping!!!



Product review- Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser

I really love the Neal’s Yard Remedies brand. I love the fact they use organic ingredients in their products, I love the fact they are made in the UK, I love the fact when you use them they feel wonderful, they smell amazing, they feel great on your skin and they feel like a real treat.

So Neal’s Yard Remedies rejuvenating frankincense refining cleanser, what did I think of it? Well first of all, I wasn’t sure if I would like the scent, I always thought frankincense was a smell i didn’t like, but this product smells incredible, it smells natural and beautiful, really clean and like a spa, but with a more natural herbal tone.

The texture is creamy, you rub it all over your skin and it feels really lovely and soft, I used a nice big blob of it, but then it’s quite a big tube, so it will last a good amount of time. The cleanser comes with an organic muslin cloth, which I loved using, it really polishes you skin and makes you feel really clean and soft. I also love the experience of a hot cloth on my face, so any product which comes with a muslin cloth is a pleasure to use in my book!

Sometimes I cleanse my face because I need to, and sometimes I do it because I love doing it. This is one of those products you actually enjoy using. I love the texture and scent, but after my skin feels so soft and smooth. It doesn’t seem to strip your skin either, I felt like the cleanser was creamy and moisturising. This is a beautiful product, it is both a pleasure to use and a great cleanser. Enjoy!


Product review – Neal’s Yard Remedies Geranium & orange hand wash

Yesterday I popped into Waitrose to get a bit of shopping, one of the things I needed was hand wash. I didn’t intend to, but I couldn’t help myself from buying Neal’s Yard Remedies Geranium and Orange hand wash. It just smelt so good in the bottle; I really wanted to take it home!
Neal’s Yard is an independent British company making wonderful organic products which smell amazing and are great for your skin.
I chose this scent because it reminds me of a spa I love called The Grove in North London. It has a pump, so it only gives you as much as you need when you are washing your hands. It doesn’t foam because it doesn’t contain chemicals, but it does wash your hands and makes them feel dreamy!
I’m guessing this product will last a fairly good amount of time, it was a bit of an extravagance, but oh wow, do I enjoy using it!
I always feel like a good hand wash lasts loads longer than a good shower gel, but they cost the same amount, so it’s a good extravagance!
Find out more!


Product review- The Righteous Butter

Soap and Glory are a British beauty company who make great priced, great products is fun retro packaging.
This Righteous Body Butter is delicious. I really love, love, love the way it smells, it is so delicious.
As a moisturiser this product is lovely. It applies really nicely, it spreads over your skin really easily and it really does make your skin feel soft and smooth and the scent is lovely and really enjoyable. It works really effectively on my dry parts; elbows, knees and thighs. It’s a lovely product and it’s a great price. It also looks lovely in your bathroom! Highly recommended!
Go forth and enjoy!


Vivienne Westwood- Boudoir body lotion

I love the scent Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood, I think it’s lovely, really rich and unique. I like the fact it’s strong and heady. It’s a great perfume, and I think it retails for a really good price. The perfume is lovely, it really is! However, the body lotion is a whole different story. I’m not sure why, but I’m really not into this body lotion. While it is quite a nice quality moisturiser, it applies nicely and it feels good on the skin, however, the scent is not great. It doesn’t smell that much like the perfume, so it doesn’t layer the fragrance at all. It doesn’t clash with the perfume, but it just doesn’t smell much like the perfume at all. Which is quite strange.
It is a nice body lotion, not the best ever, but it’s good. But the scent (which is why I bought it) is not good.


Review- the body shop coconut body butter

I really love buying things from The Body Shop, I love the smell of everything, it reminds me of being a child when the best gift ever was a body shop basket filled with treats!
I have started shopping at the Body Shop again in recent years, I love what they stand for and they make great products. I like supporting a great British company and they do great deals!
This coconut body butter smells like a dream and I love it on my rough bits, elbows, knees and feet! It’s lovely all over, it’s a really lovely product! It’s a bedside table must-have!


Review- Dermalogica Daily facial scrub

So the other week I felt my skin needed a good facial scrub. I just felt like I needed a good thorough wash and scrub to remove dead skin and any scraps of make-up.

So I was in the bathroom, surrounded by products, looking for some scrub when my boyfriend handed me his Dermalogica face scrub, I took a quick look at the simple packing and thought it looked unisex and started to apply it to my face. I instantly felt like this was exactly what I wanted, like dead skin was being exfoliated from my face and I felt clean and fresh. It had no scent and felt like a great quality product. It wasn’t until after I read the back of the product I saw it was meant for men.

To be honest, I find a lot of women’s scrubs just don’t feel effective, I often find myself wondering where the scrub is, almost like a lumpy cleaner! This Dermalogica daily clean scrub felt great, I would only use it once a week for a good deep scrub, but after my skin feels clean, clear and smooth. Its really deep cleansing and I love using it.
It may technically be for men, but it works on me and feels great.

If you are looking for a once/twice a week great scrub, this is brilliant. It isn’t too strong, its not painful, but it is effective. I love using it, my skin feels so good after. Im so glad I tried it, it’s exactly what I was after!