Blush me up! Frankly scarlet by Mac

I love a bright red blusher! I love pale skin and red blusher cheeks. I like that doll effect, slightly 80s, slightly Halloween, slightly Lolita, maybe like a vintage puppet. I think it looks cool!

I have known girls to put red lipstick on their cheeks and rub it into foundation to create the effect. Only problem with that is it can give you bad spots on your cheeks as its just so bad for your skin, especially on a night out, where you may not wash it off well enough that night: it’s just not a good idea. But it is really hard to find a bright red blusher. If they seem red in the pot they won’t be as strong on your cheeks. Or they may have a horrid shimmer you just don’t want.

When I found out MAC did a bright red blusher I has to rush off to buy it, I doubted it would be as good as I wanted. But I have to try it! So the look is either right on the apples of your cheek like a vintage doll on flawless pale skin, and big eye make up. Or you can rock it 80s style with it high, at the back of your cheekbones.
I applied foundation and got my brush out. I put a healthy amount on the brush and whacked it on my cheeks. I have to be honest, this stuff is crazy strong and I looked mental. This blusher is the bright red, Matt effect I have been wanting for years. But it is super strong, so if you want red cheeks, this is totally for you, but do apply very, very, very lightly and build it up. It is super strong and dense, which is brilliant. But not for the heavy handed!

I love this blusher, my mum hates it, but I think it’s super cool! I love the colour, I love the density. I like it super light for every day, and I like it applied more densely in the evening. It’s just cool! It’s the blusher I always wanted! However, this blusher is not for everyone, so maybe try it in the store rather than buy it online and do apply super lightly and build up.

It costs £17.50 and can be bought in the MAC stores or on the MAC website. the shade is Frankly Scarlet!



Lipstick review Maybelline ‘Cherry Candy’

I love a red lipstick, I’m pale and I think my face needs a splash of colour! I love to achieve this splash with red lipstick, so over the years I have bought many from so many different companies, high street, budget and designer. I don’t really care about packaging, names or make. I just care about the texture, colour and last!
So Maybelline Colour Sensation ‘cherry candy’ lipstick. What do I think of it? Well, it’s a lovely bright red, it feels nice on your lips, but to be honest, I like my lipsticks quite dense and dry. This is light and moisturising. It has a glossy look, so if you want a glossy red with a bit of a shimmer. It really is lovely. It’s quite summery, quite a natural red. It’s really pretty, but it’s not a vibrant vintage red, it’s a glossy natural type red.
It lasted well and was comfortable. It wore off nicely, but it was not as dramatic as I wanted it. It shimmered but only a tiny amount (which is good!).
It’s a nice a lipstick, great for the money, really pretty, but it’s not for a vintage girl wanting a sharp red, but then it’s not meant to be. It’s really pretty, for me, it’s a Sunday morning lipstick! Lovely and a good price!
See it here!