Product review – Bliss Fabulips sugar lips scrub / Raspberry Champagne body butter

I love beauty products! I can’t get enough of them, some things I didn’t even know I need until I try them for fun and then I realise I love them and I’m hooked on them! This is one of those products, Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub, I loved this. I love the smell, but mostly, I love how soft my lips feel afterwards. My lips were tough and old and now they are soft. I didn’t even know I needed lip scrub until I tried this product. I am hooked now!
I also tried the Raspberry Champagne Body Butter, this smells like sweets and It is lovely. It applies really easily and spreads quite far. It’s nice and light, but it is effective. It’s paraben free, which is always good and the packaging is cute and glittery, so it makes a great gift.
I like using this on my legs as it soaks in quickly and doesn’t feel horrid when I put tights or leggings on.
These products smell fun and like sweets, rather than like a spa. Gifts for your girlfriends Christmas, and super fun! They last well too!


Product review- Soap and Glory Peaches & Clean / Rich and Foamous

I really like Soap and Glory products, I love the retro packaging, I love the fact they are a British company who make their products in the UK. They do a delicious body butter, and really great mascara, which I blogged about a while ago.
I love love love this Rich and Foamous shower gel, you get a great big bottle, with a pump action, so you don’t spill it everywhere. It smells incredible like honey and almonds, which lingers a little, but not too much to clash with perfume. Its also great value!
I also love Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 facial cleanser. I never use this in the morning, I use it at night, as it is one of the few facial cleansers which actually takes off your eye make up. Again it is made in the UK, it is great value and it smells like peach sweets!


Product review – Wild About Beauty

Wild About Beauty is a skin loving cosmetics brand, they use natural and organic ingredients where possible, including aloe vera, beeswax, rose water and more.
I struggle with eye make-up, I’m very picky, I hate it when mascara irritates my eyes, I hate it when eyeliner smudges, but I also hate it when you can’t remove it at the end of the day. I like a solid thick line and I want a pen applicator. I hate a brush eyeliner, I find it hard to make both eyes the same!

I had never heard of Wild About Beauty before, But I absolutely love this line and define eyeliner. It’s a felt tip pen style applicator. It applies so easily, it’s really easy to control and it leaves a solid black line. It gets right in between the roots of my stupid blonde eyelashes and the line can be as thick or thin as you want. It faded a little over the day, but not much and I touch my eyes a lot! I really love this eyeliner, it’s one of the best I have tried in ages. This is now my everyday eyeliner, it’s great!
The Nutrilash Nourishing mascara is brilliant too, it’s easy to apply, thick and long lasting. Reaches the roots and doesn’t irritate me! I’d recommend it!


Today I’m wearing!

Today I got some nail wraps by Rebel Nails they are so cute, loads of moustaches and in aid of Movember, for every pack sold £1 is donated to prostate cancer.
I’m wearing red OPI nail varnish with the nail wraps on top, you are meant to wear them on varnish free nails, but I really wanted a red base with them, so I just went for it! I’m also wearing a Ted Baker feather ring.


Product review- soap and glory thick and fast mascara

So! What do I think of this is mascara? I like Soap and Glory for skin products, but I have never tried their make-up before. This is a really good mascara for the money, it retails for £10, which is great, I did find it was thick and fast, it did make my eyelashes look fuller and longer. It didn’t clump, nor feel itchy and uncomfortable, which some mascaras do on me.
It’s hard to write too much about a mascara, but this is a great product, it looks good, it applies easily and it’s a great price. I’d buy it again! Oh and PS. The packaging is cute too!


Learning on a Saturday with Neal’s Yard Remedies

Today I had a wonderful day with Neal’s Yard Remedies, I was lucky enough to be invited to a day of relaxation by one of my favourite beauty and therapy brands. We learnt massage techniques, relaxation methods and experienced NYR organic essential oils.

I feel like we all suffer from stress, sometimes I feel super stressed, I can get headaches and insomnia. Sometimes I don’t feel stressed, then I go to a spa for a couple of days, really relax and discover I was stressed without even realising.

National Stress Awareness day is on the 7th November so for that reason Neal’s Yard Remedies invited a few of us along to learn a little about aromatherapy and massage. I learnt a lot today, first of all, we learnt about essential oils and the benefits they can give to us, how they can trigger memories, heal, uplift, soothe. Essential oils can make you feel wonderful, dropped into baths, vaporised and used in massage. Scents are personal, so find the right ones for you, but they can really help to calm and relax. We also learnt a little about the history of scent and how essential oils have been used throughout history. I’m a bit of a geek, so I loved this bit of the day.

So this morning we spent a long time smelling scents and working out which single scents we liked and how they made us feel, then smelling combinations of those scents to see how they worked together. Individually we selected a blend which we liked and used it to practice massage on each other.

I have been to a fair few spas in my time, I love a good massage, but I had no idea how to give one, and no confidence to try. We were taught in very easy steps how to give hand and arm massages, which is great for taking all the tension out our hands from typing. Then we moved onto head massage, which always feels incredible. After a delicious lunch we moved onto backs, necks, shoulders and arms. As time went on we all grew with confidence and the massages felt incredible. Between the soothing music, rose vapours in the air and soft lighting and blended massage oils, it was impossible not to feel relaxed. I felt like I learnt so much today, not just about the power of essential oils but also about the skills of massage. I’m not sure how naturally it came to me, but we had a great teacher. I took my boyfriend along for the day, so I had a practice partner, he was so relaxed he fell asleep, he may have snored a little! It’s hard giving a massage when you are giggling, and it’s probably a little distracting for everyone else in the room which I feel a but bad about. However, I would like to point out, that is how relaxing the experience was!

It makes me realise there is so much I can do to try and more effectively de-stress. Hand massages are so easy to do at home; a base oil, a few drops of essential oils and 20 minutes can make you feel a whole lot less tense. As can vaporising essential oils in a burner in your home or using them in a bath. I really want to put oils on my pillow and wake up inhaling the scent.

I learnt so much today but it really did make me realise sometimes I do feel we need to make the effort to breathe deeply, light some scented candles, and once in a while and maybe book yourself in for a therapy. Don’t forget the power of essential oils, you can use them in so many different ways and Neal’s Yard Remedies add them into a lot of their beauty products. So you can enjoy the scent as you wash your hands and moisturise your skin.
Stress is hard to avoid, but sometimes we all need to be reminded to relax.
Thanks to Neal’s Yard Remedies for a lovely and informative day! Here are some snaps I took of the beautiful venue and the experience they created for us…