It’s a triple bling kind of night!

I spent most of my day in pyjamas and so when I finally got showered, washed hair and ready for house party, I think I may have got a little over-dressed in excitement. Oops! But I’m going with it, and if the party is dreadful, I’m dressed up enough for the theatre or casino afterwards!
I’m wearing a black polka dot dress from h&m, with a Mawi necklace, another gold necklace which is very chunky and vintage 80s bling. I think I got it from a charity shop for 50p (bargain bling!)

As if that’s not enough gold jewellery, I’m also wearing a big feather ring from Ted Baker

I’m not going to lie… I’m massively over dressed! Have a fun evening!

Product review- Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser

I really love the Neal’s Yard Remedies brand. I love the fact they use organic ingredients in their products, I love the fact they are made in the UK, I love the fact when you use them they feel wonderful, they smell amazing, they feel great on your skin and they feel like a real treat.

So Neal’s Yard Remedies rejuvenating frankincense refining cleanser, what did I think of it? Well first of all, I wasn’t sure if I would like the scent, I always thought frankincense was a smell i didn’t like, but this product smells incredible, it smells natural and beautiful, really clean and like a spa, but with a more natural herbal tone.

The texture is creamy, you rub it all over your skin and it feels really lovely and soft, I used a nice big blob of it, but then it’s quite a big tube, so it will last a good amount of time. The cleanser comes with an organic muslin cloth, which I loved using, it really polishes you skin and makes you feel really clean and soft. I also love the experience of a hot cloth on my face, so any product which comes with a muslin cloth is a pleasure to use in my book!

Sometimes I cleanse my face because I need to, and sometimes I do it because I love doing it. This is one of those products you actually enjoy using. I love the texture and scent, but after my skin feels so soft and smooth. It doesn’t seem to strip your skin either, I felt like the cleanser was creamy and moisturising. This is a beautiful product, it is both a pleasure to use and a great cleanser. Enjoy!


Kitty flats in pink?! Am I dreaming?!

I think we all know I am obsessed with the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats, but now, as part of her AW12 collection, you can now get this future classic in pink! I feel like I’m dreaming! Army they amazing!?
Be still my beating heart!

chrlotte olympia kitty flats - charlotte olympia web

pink charlotte olympia kitty shoes

charlotte olympia kitty shoes in pink

Badass bangle

I have fallen for this bangle by Holly Fulton at Hervia. Made from resin, I love the glossy black, with shell and studs. It’s just so cool! Part of the SS12 collection, this amazing bracelet may not be around for much longer.


Pearlescent Welles?!

I have actually fallen in love with these boots! Hunter Welles with a twist, and the twist is a fabulous pearlescent finish! How amazing! You could wear these all winter and look amazing, and then you can get them out next summer ready for April showers followed by festival season!
Fashion investment? I think so! Here they are!



See the tattooed lady

Bodysuits were a must have in the 90s, but the seem to be a little slower catching on in the big 90s revival. I really like them, I think they are slimming and sleek, worn the right way they can look really chic and cool.
I love Bebaroque at the best of times but I have fallen in love with this tattooed body suit (as worn by Katy Perry, don’t you know!) it’s so cool! Much less pain than needles, and much cuter! Tattoos for the day.