See the tattooed lady

Bodysuits were a must have in the 90s, but the seem to be a little slower catching on in the big 90s revival. I really like them, I think they are slimming and sleek, worn the right way they can look really chic and cool.
I love Bebaroque at the best of times but I have fallen in love with this tattooed body suit (as worn by Katy Perry, don’t you know!) it’s so cool! Much less pain than needles, and much cuter! Tattoos for the day.



Buy British, literally!

Today is the start of a flash sale on Cocosa, and it’s a really good one! Vivienne Westwood scarves, I think we all know I love a good scarf, but this one is really cool and a nice reference to the wonderful patriotic summer we have had in London this year! Made of wool and silk and 55% off the retail price… This is Great (Britain)


Winter warmers from Sibling

It’s getting chilly and I need my winter warmers. Why dig out last years when you can treat yourself to new ones? I love these pieces by Sibling available from Hervia, the hat is too cute with the pom-poms! Surely the pom-poms will keep you warm and cosy, if you don’t feel it, you will look it at least!

I also adore these really fun gloves, ‘love’ and ‘hate’, part rock n roll, part fashion. Very cool!

I’m a sucker for accessories that match clothing, and I love the idea of wearing this jumper dress with the pom-pom hat! What a cute cute cute outfit!
I love these winter warmers!


Bastyan love

About ten years ago I found a dress I absolutely adored. It was black with a v-neck and beads and crystals and a cameo all stitched around the neck. I thought it looks so beautiful and so special I just had to have it. It reminded me of a vintage couture dress, I bought it and I bought the matching cardigan. I still have them both, they are beautiful items of clothing.
Ten years has gone by and now and the design due Press & Bastyan no longer exists, but Tonia Bastyan still designs under her own name. Her clothes are beautiful, well-made and so special, they still have a vintage vibe and I love her designs.

This week Cocosa have a Bastyan flash sale on, up to 41% off. How exciting, there are some amazing items in the sale, some stunning black dresses with amazing details of crystals, frills, fringing, lace… I love! Here are my faves!





It’s not a game! It’s my handbag!

This bag could be mistaken for a giant piece of a domino set, but actually it’s a beautiful and slightly quirky handbag!
Made by the amazing Charlotte Olympia this domino clutch is just so special, I couldn’t help but dedicate another blog to the brand.
All I can say is I love love love!