Fierce and Modest!

I’m very partial to a weekend at a spa, London gets so stressful and there is nothing nicer than going to a spa for a little but of relaxation. One of my favourites is the The Grove, just outside of London.

It’s always hard knowing what to wear to a spa, as you do spend most of your time in swimwear and a dressing gown. Personally, I think a one piece is the most appropriate swimwear at a spa. I feel like a tropical bikini looks a bit beachy, so I always feel a black one-piece is the most suitable thing to wear. As we as being modest and comfortable, it’s chic and classic, and not too showy.

I’m obsessed with this swimming costume from super cool swimwear label We Are Handsome, I think is really cool, really sleek and chic. I think it’s perfect for spas or any fabulous holiday! Think Miami, think LA, I love this bad boy! It’s the classic black one piece with a big fierce fabulous twist!


Product review – Wild About Beauty

Wild About Beauty is a skin loving cosmetics brand, they use natural and organic ingredients where possible, including aloe vera, beeswax, rose water and more.
I struggle with eye make-up, I’m very picky, I hate it when mascara irritates my eyes, I hate it when eyeliner smudges, but I also hate it when you can’t remove it at the end of the day. I like a solid thick line and I want a pen applicator. I hate a brush eyeliner, I find it hard to make both eyes the same!

I had never heard of Wild About Beauty before, But I absolutely love this line and define eyeliner. It’s a felt tip pen style applicator. It applies so easily, it’s really easy to control and it leaves a solid black line. It gets right in between the roots of my stupid blonde eyelashes and the line can be as thick or thin as you want. It faded a little over the day, but not much and I touch my eyes a lot! I really love this eyeliner, it’s one of the best I have tried in ages. This is now my everyday eyeliner, it’s great!
The Nutrilash Nourishing mascara is brilliant too, it’s easy to apply, thick and long lasting. Reaches the roots and doesn’t irritate me! I’d recommend it!


Call the Doctor!

This morning I popped into the Exposure PR press day, I was invited to see the SS13 Dr Martens collection. I LOVE Dr Martens, I love the fact they are a great British brand, I love the fact they are always cool, they are comfortable, well made, waterproof, they are just brilliant! You could ask anyone in the street who Dr Martens are, and they would all know, yet they were the shoe of choice at London Fashion Week this season for all the top press. That’s because everyone knows Dr Martens, and everyone loves them! They are effortlessly cool.

For AW12, Dr Martens teamed up with Agnes Deyn, I loved the collection because it was totally 90s grunge, it was all inspired by Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It was really hip and wearable. This forthcoming SS13 season they have joined forces again to produce another range of clothes and shoes. The shoes are too cute, sandals and bows, chunky with cut-out sections. I love them in orange! The clothes have the motif of an eye running through them, from a bag in the shape of an eye, to an eye print top, to a orange dress where the buttons are tiny eyes. It’s all cute hip and wearable, and the eye is actually Agnes’s eye. Inspired by the Tokyo region of Harajuko, this collection is cute, hip, casual and edgy.




Dr Martens have a collection which is still made in their original factory, this is the Made in England range, I love anything made in the UK, and it’s a beautiful range, made for life, they are created from their finest leathers and silk. I really love these pieces, I really love the shoes made out of silk tie fabric, what a wonderful twist!


There were so many shoes, boots and bags to look at and I was so smitten with so many pairs! From the cut out shoes, to the studded boots. I loved the neon boots with three colours and brogue stitching. I loved every pair which had a matching satchel! I so want to rock a matching pair of docs and satchel! I love the brogues, the creepers, the boots! It was all quite exciting! I took a lot of snaps! Enjoy! Visit the Dr Martens website!










Today I’m wearing!

Today I got some nail wraps by Rebel Nails they are so cute, loads of moustaches and in aid of Movember, for every pack sold £1 is donated to prostate cancer.
I’m wearing red OPI nail varnish with the nail wraps on top, you are meant to wear them on varnish free nails, but I really wanted a red base with them, so I just went for it! I’m also wearing a Ted Baker feather ring.


Product review- soap and glory thick and fast mascara

So! What do I think of this is mascara? I like Soap and Glory for skin products, but I have never tried their make-up before. This is a really good mascara for the money, it retails for £10, which is great, I did find it was thick and fast, it did make my eyelashes look fuller and longer. It didn’t clump, nor feel itchy and uncomfortable, which some mascaras do on me.
It’s hard to write too much about a mascara, but this is a great product, it looks good, it applies easily and it’s a great price. I’d buy it again! Oh and PS. The packaging is cute too!


Review – Miller Harris Terre d’iris perfume

Ever since I bought Miller Harris citron citron perfume years ago I have loved the Miller Harris brand. Their products are sold in loads of independent boutiques and department stores such as John Lewis, so they are easy to get hold of. However, they still have that feel of being a secret perfume boutique, when you walk into one of their shops it smells incredible, and their beauty products are lovely quality as well as a beautiful scent, I got a sample of the new scent terre d’iris and I couldn’t resist posting about it. It is just so beautiful! It is from their woody selection, it is rich and heady. I can’t stop smelling my wrists when I wear it, I just adore it! It is blended from a number of scents, but the ones I can pick out the most is a delicious blend of oranges, patchouli and clary sage. It’s just so lovely and rich and warm and unusual. it’s beautiful for winter! J’adore!