Bags of joy!

I have been lusting over a new satchel for years, I used to have a vintage one, but the twitching came undone and it split, leaving my purse, phone and keys on the floor of a club and my vintage leather satchel in tatters. It was a sad night, and a little worrying trying to scoop my things off a dance floor!
The Cambridge satchel company make beautiful satchels, made in the UK, and in traditional colours as well as bright neons and primary colours. They are lovely, also my favourite thing ever, is that you can get them monogrammed at no extra cost. Brilliant right?!
This Downing satchel is navy and maroon and beyond perfect for winter. It is inspired by the block colouring of the designer and founders visit to number 10 Downing street, what could be more British?! I love companies who make their goods in the UK, and the Cambridge Satchel Company are a shining example of how it can be done and be a selling point too.
I love the matt leather and patent leather finish, this bag is really really cute! It’s on my Christmas list, with my initials monogrammed on, of course!


Today I’m wearing…

Last week there was a Mawi jewellery sale on at Cocosa, so I had to buy something! In case you don’t know, Cocosa do flash sales of brilliant designer pieces, they have incredible buyers who really source great items from the best designers. They upload everything before the sale starts so you can choose what you want and then log in when the sale starts. I spent about two hours trying to figure out which item to buy, it wasn’t an easy decision for me!

My necklace arrived this morning and I just love it! I couldn’t be more pleased with it!
So today I am wearing a vintage Peter Pan collar dress, with a black jumper and my brand new Mawi necklace!! I’m so happy, I love it!



Wedge of joy!

I have been wanting a pair of wedge shoes for a while now, I think they look cool and quite frankly wedges are so much more comfortable than heels. I toyed with the idea of buying plain black wedges, but it’s not really my look and I wanted something a bit more interesting…something a bit jazzier!!!

I just love these Toms plaid wedge shoes, I like they way they are neutral coloured, I really like the height of the heel and I think they will go with pretty much everything I own. Also Toms shoes are insanely comfortable and part of their One for One project, so I will be helping someone else out too. Oh yes, I need these!


Today I’m wearing…

Today in wearing a very brightly coloured dress and a very bright jumper, I’m not sure why I’m wearing so many colours, but if I’m honest, I look a bit nuts! The dress was from a thrift shop in New York, I think it cost $10! The jumper is SO old, I have had it for about 10 years and I still wear it loads! I just love the colours. I worn it so much, and I’m still not bored of it! I think it cost 50p from a charity shop!

The necklace is Vivienne Westwood, I got it from a sample sale and I must admit, it’s a bit nuts! It’s a multi-coloured pastel parrot head with leather tassels coming out of it! I have no idea if many of these were made, I never saw it in the shop, as I bought it directly from the studio sample sale.

As for the ring, isn’t it fabulous?!


Jeffrey, I want you!

I have been after a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a while now, but I have not been able to figure out which pair I want the most…and oh my god, I have so fallen for these bad boys. I love the cut outs, I love the platforms, I love the golf-shoe feel. The colours are great, they are really fun and wearable and really, really cool!
They will look really cool with dresses, and on rainy days my feet won’t get wet!
Oh I love these, and very impressed with the discount! I think I need these shoes!



Party time! You can sleep when your dead, halloweens coming!

Halloween is approaching! What will you be wearing? It’s so much fun getting dressed up but sometimes it’s hard finding a costume! This Topshop dress is brilliant, but move quick, you can only get it in store, it’s sold out online! Worth the effort of having a hunt though, this dress is brilliant (and slimming, you will look so boney in this dress!)


Today I’m wearing

Today I woke up early as today there was a new sale starting on Cocosa featuring Mawi! I love love love Mawi jewellery, so I had to get in quickly in case the piece I wanted sold out fast (that’s what happened last month with the Mary Katrantzou sale!) I bought an amazing necklace which I am sure I will get soon, but today I was so excited about the sale I decided to wear a Mawi necklace and a Minnie Mawi ring.
I’m also wearing a vintage metallic dress and a trusty pair of Vivienne Westwood silver sunny shoes, check out the moulded toe… Brilliant right!