I heart a velvet dress

I have fallen in love with this dress by Draw in Light on www.mywardrobe.com, I love it’s simple chic lines, the black velvet, the sheer patches and the big heart. Beautiful but totally totally cute. I love it’s 90s vibe, it’s right out of a my make believe Courtney Love wardrobe. I LOVE it!


Today I’m wearing…

Today I’m wearing a JCDC dungaree print top. I love this tee shirt, it’s so cute and fun, it makes me feel really happy when I wear it! I love JCDC, so when I bought this top I was so excited! I’m wearing it with a cos skirt and my beloved Minni Mawi ring. I’m also now wearing Models Own nail varnish, dancing queen… Well it is Saturday!



Yesterday I wore…

Yesterday I was so chilly, it’s starting to get so cold in London, all I wanted to wear was a warm cashmere jumper. However a girl has to make an effort, so I snazzed it up with this delightful Laura Ashley bird print scarf and one of my many Vivienne Westwood necklaces.

I also wore a moustache ring, it’s still Movember after all, and I still have my Rebel Nail


Product review – Bliss Fabulips sugar lips scrub / Raspberry Champagne body butter

I love beauty products! I can’t get enough of them, some things I didn’t even know I need until I try them for fun and then I realise I love them and I’m hooked on them! This is one of those products, Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub, I loved this. I love the smell, but mostly, I love how soft my lips feel afterwards. My lips were tough and old and now they are soft. I didn’t even know I needed lip scrub until I tried this product. I am hooked now!
I also tried the Raspberry Champagne Body Butter, this smells like sweets and It is lovely. It applies really easily and spreads quite far. It’s nice and light, but it is effective. It’s paraben free, which is always good and the packaging is cute and glittery, so it makes a great gift.
I like using this on my legs as it soaks in quickly and doesn’t feel horrid when I put tights or leggings on.
These products smell fun and like sweets, rather than like a spa. Gifts for your girlfriends Christmas, and super fun! They last well too!


Product review- Soap and Glory Peaches & Clean / Rich and Foamous

I really like Soap and Glory products, I love the retro packaging, I love the fact they are a British company who make their products in the UK. They do a delicious body butter, and really great mascara, which I blogged about a while ago.
I love love love this Rich and Foamous shower gel, you get a great big bottle, with a pump action, so you don’t spill it everywhere. It smells incredible like honey and almonds, which lingers a little, but not too much to clash with perfume. Its also great value!
I also love Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 facial cleanser. I never use this in the morning, I use it at night, as it is one of the few facial cleansers which actually takes off your eye make up. Again it is made in the UK, it is great value and it smells like peach sweets!


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage pink jumper that I have had for years, a Vivienne Westwood brooch with an incredible Gemma Lister detachable jewel collar! I have been listing after this for ages, I’m fact, I wrote a blog about how much I loved it a while ago and now I finally have one! I’m so happy! I love it so much! Detachable collars are cool, but I do find they tend to swivel round my neck and end up a bit wonky. Gemma Lister collars are really special because they are weighted in the tips so they stay central when you are wearing them, and never flap or move around! The jewels on it is so beautiful and it makes my vintage pink jumper look incredible!


Fierce and Modest!

I’m very partial to a weekend at a spa, London gets so stressful and there is nothing nicer than going to a spa for a little but of relaxation. One of my favourites is the The Grove, just outside of London.

It’s always hard knowing what to wear to a spa, as you do spend most of your time in swimwear and a dressing gown. Personally, I think a one piece is the most appropriate swimwear at a spa. I feel like a tropical bikini looks a bit beachy, so I always feel a black one-piece is the most suitable thing to wear. As we as being modest and comfortable, it’s chic and classic, and not too showy.

I’m obsessed with this swimming costume from super cool swimwear label We Are Handsome, I think is really cool, really sleek and chic. I think it’s perfect for spas or any fabulous holiday! Think Miami, think LA, I love this bad boy! It’s the classic black one piece with a big fierce fabulous twist!