Sale time! 30% delightful beauty products!

One of my favourite beauty companies Neal Yard Remedies has 30% off selected organic essentials. I love love love these products, just beautiful products, beautiful scents and great results. I just love what they do! So I thought I would let everyone know there is a sale on these items. My personal favourite from these items is the Power Berry Daily Moisturiser. My sister often uses this product, so I use it when I go home to visit her. It smells delightful and it works a treat! 30% off is a great reduction as Neals Yard Remedies do not normally have sales. Hand me my debit card!


It’s a colourful day!

Today I’m feeling very colourful! I’m wearing a vintage blouse which is super bright and colourful, I love all the geometric shapes. I am wearing it with my Mint Flamingo necklace, just to add a little more colour.
My nail polish is pale pink Models Own pro with indie nail polish brand Lush Lacquer, the shade is called ‘lite brite’ which seems fitting for the theme of the day!



Badass nail wraps

I’m so feeling these Nail Rock nail wraps, I am all over yellows and reds at the moment, I just want colour! These nail wraps are the easy way to perfect leopard print nails. They literally stick on, and then you peel off when you are done with them. Isn’t the print dreamy?


Never go scarf shopping when you are hungry!

Remember my Swinging cat necklace? Well this scarf comes to you from the very same people! It’s called Robbery in a sweet shop and I think it is absolutely brilliant. It’s made of silk, super cute and quite frankly, I haven’t seen anything else like it! I mean, how often do you see a scarf with sweets being robbed on it? It’s just brilliant! It’s totally on my wish list! The print is priceless. I love the fried eggs, mice, policemen, it’s just so cool!


Product review – Bblonde highlighting kit for women

I always bleach my hair at home, this is for a few reasons; I don’t have super neat hair, I quite like it a bit more rock n roll. I also don’t have loads of spare cash for a cut, colour, style, it normally costs about £120 per visit, that’s quite a lot! So I like to save a few pennies by bleaching my own roots. I recently tried Bblonde highlighting kit, I wanted to wait a while before I reviewed it as it might not wear well over time.
BBlonde is a professional hair lightning product, where as I normally use home lighting products. I found this much more effective, I kept it on for the amount of time the instructions say, which is quite unusual, as I normally have to keep it on for wayyyyyy longer, it is much stronger than home lighting products, but after amazingly it doesn’t seem to dry my hair out. I like the colour it gives me a lot, it’s less yellow, it looks bleached, but it’s a cooler shade of blonde. I often need a toner to take th brashness out of it, but I didn’t need it with this product.
I found it much easier than other highlighting kits as it worked faster, it gave a better colour and it didn’t dry my hair out. My hair is naturally a dark blonde, so it worked great on my hair, but I would say this would also be a much better option if you want to go from being brunette to brown at home, as it is much stronger than any other kit I have ever used. I do feel you can tell it is a salon product!


Can’t stop the swatch!

I love Models Own nail varnishes, but I have only recently discovered their Swatched! page. Which is just basically loads of nail swatches uploaded so you can view what other people have done with their Models Own nail varnishes. It’s just pages of cool, colourful nail inspiration and joy! I love it!
Models Own make great colours of polish, as well as nail wraps, nail pens and glitter top coats. They have collaborated with Wah nails as well as Hed Kandi, they do pastels, brights, shatters and chromes, there is so much you can do with Models Own and I love looking at this page to see what other people have been up to!