Cleopatra and her fabulous bling!

This weekend I met Olivia, the super-cool and super-talented designer behind the new jewellery line, Cleopatra’s Bling. Here is Olivia…

Olivia grew up in Sydney, moved to Paris and then settled in Istanbul to start her label; Cleopatra’s Bling. Her jewellery is made in India and Istanbul and I think her jewellery reflects all the influences of her travels. She’s a self-confessed born wonderer, so who knows where she will end up living next and what will influence her jewellery in the future.

Olivia uses semi-previous stones and embeds them into brass which is then gold plated. The stones are carefully selected and so that the combinations of stones compliment each other and create a great piece of jewellery. She mixes textures, colours and shapes to create the pieces. They are chic and well-considered, they look great worn alone or layered up.

She makes earrings, bracelets and rings, I adore the rings myself, but there’s something for everyone here. It’s all really beautifully made and really cool. Each stone is beautiful and of course has it’s own powers.

Cleopatra’s Bling is so cool and so wearable! Check out the new Website and here are my snaps of the jewellery! I’m so into this range, it’s amazing!

Which piece do you like the best? I find it so hard to choose!










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