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I’m always chopping and changing my skin care, but I wanted to share with you all what I am using at the moment, as I am loving my current products! I feel like I have a great mix!

I am using Dermalogica Clear Start Pore Control Scrub once a week. I love Dermalogica face scrubs, they give just the right amount of scrubbing action and leave you feeling really cleansed and refreshed. Clear Start is the new launch from Dermalogica and it’s a great range for younger skin and prone to breakout skin. This is a great scrub which works brilliantly, I will be draining every last drop out of this tube!

My daily cleanser is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, hot cloth cleanser. This award winning cleanser is a real treat to use! I love a hot cloth cleanser as it feels so nice on your skin, the hot cloth, the polish, it’s lovely! This cleanser is a real winner!

This year saw the launch of Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense. This is a brilliant product as it combines all their knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy with stem cell technology. This is such a great moisturiser as it hydrates, plumps and smooths out wrinkles. It’s a great product, but I will be really sad when it runs out. I have been using this in the morning, to hydrate my skin and plump up the surface.

At night I have been using Miracle Skin Transformer Triple Active Night Treatment, it’s a really luxurious night cream and it is rich and thick. I feel like it is really nourishing my skin over night and protecting it. My skin is quite dry at the moment, but I do feel like this if helping it a lot! It’s really, really lovely! I’m so happy to have discovered it, I love that it doesn’t feel too heavy either. It’s great!

My eye cream at the moment is Liz Earle Smoothing Line Serum. I love the texture of this, it’s silky smoothly and really helps smooth out my fine lines around my eyes and I have also started using it round my mouth too, a girls gotta smooth out those wrinkles and this product is working a treat for me! Liz Earle products are always pretty great and this is no exception!

As a body moisturiser at night, I have been using This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil. Not only is it a lovely body oil which keeps my skin soft in the cold months, but I love the scent which really helps to relax me and send me into a deep sleep. It’s lovely!

My hand cream of choice right now is Balance Me Rose Otto hand cream. I absolutely adore it, rich and velvety. It’s lovely just before bed and the scent is glorious!

I have also been using Balance Me Stella Face Balm, not on my face, but as a lip balm. It’s really nice and too heavy for my face, but perfect on my lips. It is Shea butter based and completely natural, natural lip balms work so much better and in the long run are so much more effective! This product has been on my bedside table for months now and I love it as a lip balm and occasionally I use it as a cuticle rub too!

My morning body butter is DHC Olive Body Butter. I use this straight out the shower and it’s easy to apply, smells amazing and soaks in really fast. It’s basically everything I want from a body butter! Oh and the packing is beautiful! It’s so retro and pretty, really fresh!



  1. Danielle Kent

    Dermalogica is amazing! My doctor told me never to spend over £10 on a skincare product because there is physically nothing that can be put into a product which would cost more than that – anything more and you’re paying for the brand. I agree in most cases but Dermalogica products and Elemis are my main exceptions!

  2. Aleesha Marie Makeup

    Yess, I’m a professional makeup artist and skin care professional and I absolutely love Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant!! It’s a great scrub to use every morning, not too harsh for daily use even for sensitive skin, and leaves skin feeling like velvet! :) Great post!

  3. tahroch

    I love this! it’s just so perfectly convenient… idunno who you are but ur blog is really interesting & right up my favourite categories… fashion, skin care and vintage accessories :)

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