The best… Bath and shower gels

I rarely take baths, but when I do I love it! I find a bath & a shower gel is the most practical option for me, as I can use it mostly for showers and then double it up as a bubble bath when needed.

I wanted to share with you my personal favourite bath and shower gels. All these products are lovely put into a bath, or used with a pouf in the shower. All products are made using natural ingredients and are luxurious and beautiful!

In my opinion, these are the best Bath & Shower gels on the market and I love them all!

First up, we have Bodhi, I absolutely adore this brand. It is natural, made in the Uk and uses the highest quality essential oils. They always smell so rich and the scent is really rich and heavy. This product works great to wash you, but also it is incredible smelling. If you love jasmine and love a really strong, heavy scent like me, you will love this! It’s pure indulgence!

Next up, L’occitane Rose bath and shower gel, this is much softer and feminine but still rich and lovely. It’s more romantic and sweet. When products are artificially scented with rose, they tend not to smell nice. The natural scent of roses is lovely, and this product is great!

Neal’s Yard Remedies are have a rich history of blending organic essential oils and making them into beautiful Skincare. Designed to cleanse and nourish your skin with added aromatherapy benefits, this bath & shower gel in geranium & orange is a treat for the skin and the senses!

Cath Collins Orange Blossom bath & shower gel is a more traditional scent. To me it smells quite floral and it kind of reminds me of how the powder room in The Ritz smells; like wealthy old ladies! It’s traditional, warm and lovely. Both floral and citrus, it’s warm and nostalgic. It has an old Hollywood glamour to it, I swear this is what Marilyn Monroe with wash with!

I find it impossible to resist Molton Brown, when I was a child I knew we were staying in a nice hotel when I saw Molton Brown, so I think I still associate the brand with happy holidays! They do fresh and natural scents which really fill the bathroom. They lather up well and feel so refreshing! This Eucalyptus Bath & Shower gel is so clean and fresh smelling, it’s delightful. As always with Molton Brown products it feels really luxurious!

I adore anything by Cowshed, they make the most amazing blends of essential oils which come in great packaging. Cowshed are aligned to Soho House where they have their own spas, so they are quite a contemporary and hip luxury brand. I adore Moody Cow bath & shower gel, it’s a blend of rose, geranium and frankincense and smells dreamy and it’s really relaxing.

I have a thing for Penhaligon’s, I love their brand and heritage. They make beautiful quality products and all their packaging is based on the original designs. Established in 1870, it is easy to see why people still love Penhaligon’s, this bath & Shower gel is super nice!



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