I’m frigging crazy for figs!

At the moment I am going crazy for the delightful scent of figs! I just adore it! Jo Malone London started my obsession with their Wild Fig and Cassis cologne, I love the woody scent mixed with the freshness of the cassis- it’s just lovely! Now my obsession is fully grown and I can’t get enough of figs!

If I could, I would have every single product in fig scent, but it’s just not possible, as fig is a really underrepresented ingredient in beauty and fragrances. I decided to do some research and find some delicious fig products, and share them with you. So if like me, you want to fill your cupboards and home with fig, you will know where to go!

Quite frankly, it’s not easy hunting down fig scented items, as it is an acquired taste, but once you are hooked, you love it! It’s also a great unisex scent, so it’s great for sharing! Most fig scents are balanced with sweeter notes, I love that ying and yang element of the scent too!

First up, the product that started my obsession… Jo Malone London ‘wild Fig & Cassis’ Cologne. I adore this in Autumn/Winter. It’s not right for summer, so it’s a winter treat for me. The woody, rich fig is beautiful with the sweet cassis. It’s such a great perfume for men and women.

I love the Jo Malone London Wild Fig and Cassis cologne so much I had to buy myself the bath oil too! The great thing about this bath oil, is that not only does it smell incredible, but it also really fills the flat with the smell of fig. It’s lovely, it really lingers on your skin and it turns almost milky in the bath too!

TommyGuns do a great range of shampoos and conditioners and one of their fragrances is Fig & Plum. Tommy Guns haircare is great for the money and this fragrance is lovely, it’s also the only haircare I have ever found in fig. A low cost and delightful way to enjoy fig in an unusual format! It has quite strong plum notes in there and it almost smells like cough syrup, but you can definitely feel the fig! Unusual, But I like it!

Rituals do lovely fragrance sticks for the home; I have these in my hallway, so that each time I enter the flat, I get hit with the scent of fig. This product is the scent of delicious warm fig, with the sweet undertone of Copaiba. It’s woody yet sweet and it fills my hallway and makes it smell amazing! This product will last about three months, which will take me up to early spring, which is perfect, as I do think figs scents are better in the winter!

I really adore the True Grace brand; it’s beautifully packaged, made in the UK and smells dreamy. It’s made of all natural ingredients and you can tell! This candle is from the Manor collection and it’s incredible; it’s sweet, rich and warm. This candle is just fig, it’s not mixed with anything, which is lovely and it’s quite nice that it is not blended with a fruit. It’s dark and rich for winter evenings!

I love this candle so much it’s a special occasion candle! But luckily I have the matching True Grace fig room spray. It’s just dreamy and beautiful! I love spraying this in the living room in the evening because it’s just so rich and beautiful! It’s a perfect evening treat, and it makes winter so much better!

Miller Harris make a beautiful fig based perfume Figue Amère. Inspired by the bitter, ripe green figs of Ibiza and astringent salt. It’s got notes of bergamot, mandarin, rose, cedar and amber. It’s beautiful, and perfect for men and women. It’s strong and fabulous!

I love this scent so much I got the Figue Amère candle too, it’s so beautiful in both the candle and perfume, it’s hard to choose which is the best. If in doubt, get both and adore both! I have the candle in my bedroom and it’s glorious! Miller Harris ticks so many boxes for me and the packaging is beautiful!

I also can’t get enough of the Timothy Dunn candle in Wild Fig & Cashmere Wood. These candles are sold in Liberty and they are full on dreamy! This candle is so rich and opulent I adore it. It’s dark and woody, blended with basil, cloves and frankincense.
This is a dreamy candle, it would make a great gift, but if you could bare to give it away!!

Fresh Handmade beauty brand Lush have created a Fig & Leaves soap, it’s a rustic looking soap, cut into blocks. It’s natural and packed full of figs! It smells lovely and it contain the little fig seeds which act as a natural exfoliant! It’s a softer scent of fig, but it’s lovely and quite relaxing in the morning. Don’t forget to check the expiry date as Lush products have no preservatives in!

This Fig & Blackberry candle by Ashley Thomas at Debenham’s is a lovely, fruity take on fig and also has a thriftier price tag of just £10! It is in a really pretty box making it a great gift for a friend. It’s got a lovely hit of blackberry with this fig, which makes it rich, sweet and fruity! Yums!

Admittedly I have a bit of a Fig a scent obsession but I go nuts for it in the winter months and it’s not easy to find so I’m really happy to share some of my favourites with you all!


  1. Heidie Makes

    I’ll check out fig scents next time I go shopping,I got an obsession with coconut still I got this amazing coconut oil that I use for my skin and hair.My sister got it first and I got hooked straight away when I tried it

  2. elkee

    I love figs as well. When I was a kid and our family first moved out of our apt to a house it had a full grown fig tree in the backyard. It was awesome. I had never heard of figs until then.

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