Festive jewels from Katie Mullally

I love Katie Mullally‘s beautiful vintage inspired charm necklaces! If you ever needed an excuse to buy a new piece, then maybe Christmas is it!

It is always fun to make your jewels match the season and Katie has some wonderfully winter pieces which give a nod to the festive season!

First up, this Stag necklace, I this he is a wonderful necklace for all winter long, but around Christmas he will make people think of Rudolf the red nose reindeer. The rest of the time, he’s just a beautifully hand crafted stag! He’s a beautiful shape and heavily weighted as it is solid silver with gold plating.

Then, we have this Wishbone charm necklace, I wear this summer and winter and I get compliments on it whatever the weather! However, come Christmas, everyone will think of turkey wishbones!

Finally, we have the Christmas Wreath charm necklace. I personally feel you can only wear this in December, it’s a beautiful piece which can come out every December. The hallmark stamp will remind you of the year you bought it too! This is the only necklace of the three you can only wear in December, the other two can be worn all year round! Precious arn’t they?



  1. rubyangel711

    I love all three! The stag pendant is totally on trend with everything nature-inspired in fashion, the wishbone pendant is an everyday charm I would wear and the Christmas wreath pendant is a great reminder of the spell of the holiday magic we are all under:)))

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