You have lovely hare!

I love buying rings, and I have one ring in particular which I think is really special. It’s just so cute and delicate. I just love it!
It is a tiny little Hare and it is running across my finger! It is made by London jewellery designer, Jacey Withers. All his jewellery is made in Dalston, London by him and he sells so some of the best jewellery and fashion boutiques around the world. I first saw his work at London fashion week many seasons ago and instantly loved it!
His jewellery is lovely because it is all solid silver, it is all handmade and is really beautiful. I like the way it is delicate and intricate, but it has a bit of an edge to it. It is a bit more masculine than other jewellery too. I really love it!
I’m not sure where you can buy the Hare ring, but other pieces in his collection are on sale at the online jewellery boutique Accessories Online