The circus has come to town!

I recently popped into the shop Fee Fee La Fou in Dalston, London. For those who don’t know, Dalston is super hip and Fee Fee La Fou is super fun!

So what is it?! Oh it’s just your average Circus themed boutique! This shop is so much fun and it is so fabulous! Inside and outside it is painted a multitude of colours, and it sells everything from art to jewellery, to handbags to light fittings! Basically if it’s circus themed and super fun, it could be there! There is a grab-machine with teddies inside, there is a carousel horse in the corner, a ceiling high spiral slide, chandeliers with toys bursting out!

So what can you buy? Everything! From the bowler hat lamp shade to the art on the walls, the jewellery in the cabinets and the ring master greetings cards! Even the furniture, it’s all fabulous and circus themed and it’s all for sale!

Fee Fee La Fou is located on:
6 Bradbury street,
N16 8JN

From Dalston Kingsland it is just a stones throw. If you are in the area, or in London, you really must pop in! There are so many great things to buy and it’s really fun and not like any other shop I can think of!