Custard Cream Necklace!!!

I obviously love it when fashion and food come together and this custard cream necklace is like having a tea party around your neck! I have blogged about Lily Charmed jewellery before, as well as their sister company, Martha Jackson jewellery, I love their tiny charm jewellery, it’s both delicate, yet whimsical! Everything by both brands is made of Sterling Silver (and gold vermeil) so if you look after it, it will last for years and years. When it does eventually tarnish, you can easily clean it and it will shine again, as good as new!

lily charmed custard cream biscuit necklace

This Custard Cream necklace is one of the newest releases from Lily Charmed and I am beyond smitten with it! It is the cutest little charm necklace, a tiny guilt-free replica of the classic British biscuit.

This custard cream necklace comes in both Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver and costs just £42, pretty sweet right?!

Perfume: Dear Rose,

I am writing to you about a new collection of perfumes, by the name of ‘Dear Rose‘. Inspired by the different facets of women, five different women, or just one women, depending on who she is at that moment.

dear rose perfume brand

Each perfume in the collection is inspired by a story of a woman:

A Capella; An early morning visit to the garden. A breath of fresh air mixed with morning dew, moss, rose buds and violets. The first burst of sunlight, fresh sheets and no make up. Singing without music, pure and powerful.

I Love My Man; Fresh, perfect, red Bulgarian roses. Whispers of cinnamon and tonka bean. A gift from a man who adores his woman, the scent of love and adoration. Warm, lovely, engulfing.

Bloody Rose; This perfume is a women you may or may not want to be. The women you must be careful of, she seems pleasant at first glance, but you must be careful of her. For her, enticing men is a sport. White roses which are pretty and linger on the skin.

Sympathy For The Sun; A footprint on the beach, a sea breeze and an air of fabulous. This perfume is a woman enjoying the afternoon sun in a Mediterranean get-away. Fresh, salty, carefree and fabulous.

La Favorite; A warm, smoky bar in a fabulous hotel on a Winter’s night in Paris. The lingering smell of leather, oud, spice, cocktails and grandeur. Black dresses, fabulous jewels and a rich, smoky perfume to match.

Dear Rose, is a new perfume brand which is the creation of a mother and daughter, Chantal and Alexandra. Alexandra, the daughter, is a musician. Chantal, the mother an expert in the fragrance industry. Starting at YSL in the 70s, later working with Helmut Newton and JPG. While she knows the perfume industry inside out, she still has passion, love and romance to perfumery. Together they created the brand and work with award winning perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin, on their scents.

Where can you buy Dear Rose perfumes? Harrods of course, probably my favourite place for discovering new perfume brands. Shout out to their perfume buyers, they have amazing taste. I love their perfume rooms!

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween over-load in New York city! I can’t believe how many pumpkins, costume shops and halloween excitement there is in the city! From pop-up halloween costume shops, to pumpkins in every restaurant and in every shop window display, it’s everywhere! As well as on every porch, on every street, I swear, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Pumpkin adorned brownstones while I was there, everything just looked so good!

Now that I am back in London and back to reality, I have realised I have no food in the house, a stack of laundry to get through and no halloween costume! Luckily for me, I have a faery goth mother by the name of Boohoo and they have surprised me with this amazing pumpkin dress, bunny ears and a clutch bag which says ‘bag of tricks’! Everything I need!

boohoo halloween dress pumpkinAlso photographed with Charlotte Olympia spider web shoes, Momocreatura bear chains and Choc on Choc ghost chocolate!

Thank you boohoo, you really are too kind to me!

My Etsy Wish list

Etsy really is the most beautiful market place on the internet. There are so many pretty things listed on there that you can’t buy anywhere else. It is both inspiring to look at, as well as fun to shop!

From art to nail polish, home wears to jewellery; there is something for everyone! Over the years I have spent hours browsing Etsy and I have bought so many amazing things on there which I adore. Everything has always been beautifully made and the vintage is always perfectly cared for.

These pieces are my current wish list:


This ring is so special, I have literally had it in my ‘Favourites’ for agesssss, it really is about time I bought it. Isn’t it beautiful!?


The book clutch trend is still super hot and while I *could* spend £1,000 on an Olympia Le Tan bag, I think I would rather have a recycled book clutch at a fraction of the price. They are made from real books and when you are not using it as a handbag, you can keep on your shelf with your secrets belongings inside! Cute right?!


Oh Hi, I live here! There are so many cheap art prints on the high street, but they generally look, well, cheap! Where as on Etsy, there are SO many great art prints which are really lovely and not naff. Nothing says ‘Dream Home’ like a print like this! 

What’s on your Etsy wish list?

My boyfriends shirt

You know when you go to New York and you pack less clothes than you need, because you know that you will buy loads when you are there?!

Well, that was exactly what I did, but I have been so busy running around being a tourist and eating pancakes, I have barely even stepped into a clothes shop. So now I’m edging closer to the end of my trip and I’m starting to run really low on clothing. Lucky for me, my boyfriend packed a pretty full suitcase and owns some pretty nice clothes. I figured if I borrowed his Superdry plaid shirt I would look ready for record shopping in Brooklyn. Which is exactly what we have planned for the day!

Shirt by Superdry / Necklace by Chanel / Dress from ASOS / Bag by Anya Hindmarch / Cleo Ferin Mercury Scarf Tied on Bag / Wolford Tights / Charlotte Olympia Kitty Shoes / Linda Farrow x Charlotte Olympia Sunglasses / Urbanears headphones / Cartier Love Ring / Swarovski Stardust bracelets.

superdry plaid shirt

anya hindmarch bag with cleo ferin mercury scarf


charlotte olympia for linda farrow sunglasses

Pastel Faux Fur Jacket in NYC

Another day in NYC and I woke up excited to have breakfast at Katz Deli and wear my new pastel fur jacket.

The only problem is, when you are walking the streets of the East Village in fur at 8am on a Sunday morning, heading to a 24 hour deli, you basically look like you haven’t been to bed. Especially when you factor in my massive dark circles under my eyes.

Hey ho! What can you do?!

Pastel Fur jacket from Boohoo / ASOS iPad case (used as a clutch bag) / Chanel brooch / Chanel necklace / Dress from ASOS / Pretty Polly Tights / Dr Martens from Cloggs Footwear / Cartier Love Ring / Charlotte Olympia x Linda Farrow Sunglasses.

boohoo fur coat asos hologram handbag chane candy sweet necklace

boohoo multicoloured fur jacket

asos shimmer clutch bag hologram handbag

chanel candy sweets necklace aw14

Atelier Eyewear

I am currently on holiday in NYC and while the weather isn’t hot, it is really sunny. In fact, both my boyfriend and I have had sunglasses on our faces, all day, everyday!

While I have a hefty collection of sunglasses, my boyfriend only has one pair as he needs prescription lenses in his glasses. He likes to get his eyes tested every year or two, and for this reason, he doesn’t want a big collection of fashion sunglasses, he just wants one pair of really stylish, well-fitting and well-made sunglasses.

Atelier Eyewear sunglasses front

The last time he got his eyes tested it took him about 3 months to actually go to the store to pick out new frames and get new lenses fitted. It’s not that he’s lazy, he’s just crazy busy with work and never managed to find the time to do it. Imagine, if it took him 3 months to upgrade his glasses which he wears 90% of the time, can you guess how long it had been since he changed his sunglasses? Way too long! Then I heard about Atelier Eyewear, which is tailor made for people like my boyfriend. You can choose your glasses, ‘try’ them on and order them, all online and then they are custom made for you and delivered to your home (or office). We were offered the chance to try out the service and we were excited, it was just what he needed!

Atelier Eyewear make high quality, custom eyewear; both optical glasses and sunglasses. They have so many stylish frame shapes to choose from, as well as frame colours and lens colours. You pick the lenses you like the look of, the camera on your computer turns the screen into a virtual mirror and places the frames on your face, so you can see what they will look like on your face. What’s amazing is that you see the frames virtually on your face, exactly the right size. As you move and tilt your head, the glasses adapt to this and move with your face, giving you a great understanding of how the glasses will look when worn.

Once you have found the frame shape you like, you then pick out your frame colour and lens colour. They have a great selection of frames to choose from; everything from classic solid colours like black, brown and navy, to more mottle effects like pearl, turtle and marble. You can ‘try on’ as many different frames, colours and lenses as you want, it’s really fast and easy to try them on and swap and change the colours and frames.

Once you have tried on your glasses and made your selection, Atelier Eyewear use your camera once again to accurately scan your face, from the front and sides, to make sure that your frames are perfect for your face. After all, they are custom frames and they make sure that they fit your face, exactly as they would if you were to get them fitted in store.

The final stage is really fun, each pair of glasses or sunglasses can have the name, number or initials or the wearer engraved into the inside of the arm. It’s a really stylish detail and also practical if you were to loose or misplace your glasses.

It takes 4 weeks for your glasses or sunglasses to be made, they are produced exactly as a other pair of high quality custom-made glasses would be. They are hand crafted from the finest acetate, titanium and surgical-grade stainless steel. Each pair is made one-by-one in their workshop by craftsmen.

Atelier Eyewear sunglasses from the back

My boyfriend is a busy man, he has a good job and when he buys products, he expects them to be great, if not perfect. He has pretty high standards and he was sceptical as to whether Atelier Eyewear would be able to deliver the perfect sunglasses he wanted, as the ordering process was really easy and fast, especially considering how time consuming it is going in-store to pick out frames and getting them fitted. He has been wearing his sunglasses for the last month and he absolutely loves them. He loves the size of the glasses, the shape of them and the colour of both the lens and the frames. The lenses are perfect for him as are the way they fit across his nose and ears. They are sturdy yet light to wear and have an over-all feel of high quality. As for the monogramming on the inside of the arm, he loves this, it is very subtle, really tasteful and no-one really knows it is there but him.

Atelier Eyewear is perfect for my man. He doesn’t want heavily branded eyewear and he isn’t looking for a bargain. Instead he is looking for a time-effective, reliable service which gives his a great quality, fairly priced,  stylish product, which is custom made for him. He loves his sunglasses and he didn’t have to take any time off work to get them sorted, they did all the hard work for him and with a short production time, they were delivered to his door, exactly as he wanted them… perfect! Five gold stars Atelier Eyewear, he will be back for all his future glasses!

Atelier Eyewear sunglasses

PS. This last photo was taken on top of the Empire State building, I found a ledge and placed them on to take a photo. He almost had a heart attack as he was convinced a gust of wind would pick the glasses up and they would be gone forever!


I’m in New York right now, lucky me right?! Here is my OOTD in NYC!

Topshop Jumper (past season) /  ASOS dress / Gigi New York handbag / Swarovski Stardust bracelets / Linda Farrow X Charlotte Olympia Sunglasses / Hush Puppies shoes / Pretty Polly Tights / Cartier Love Ring.

fashion for lunch fashion ootd

charlotte olympia x linda farrow sunglasses

linda farrow x charlotte olympia sunglasses

gigi new york monogrammed bag

Clocks go back!

This weekend the UK clocks go back, meaning Summer is officially over. Sad news I know, but maybe console yourself with buying yourself a souvenir?! Perhaps one of these Cath Kidston Clock print items!

Personally, I want the bag, but I know the teapot would come in pretty handy on cold Winter afternoons.

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

cath kidston clock print dress

cath kidston clock print tea set cath kidston clock print tote cath kidston clock print teapot

#MyStardust Styling with Swarovski!

MyStardust Styling with Swarovski!

It’s no secret I am a bit of a Swarovski magpie, I mean, what girl doesn’t love a crystal or two?!

One of the latest editions to the Swarovski brand is the Stardust bracelets. They are made from a nylon fishnet tube, which encases hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals. Simple, sparkly and chic. I love them as you can wear the black, silver or gold for a simple evening look. Or you can layer up a few coloured ones for a fun, day time look. Whatever colour you go for, when they hit the lights, they sparkle like only a Swarovski crystal knows how!  They are super easy to put on too, as they have a magnet fastening, so you can can easily put them on and take them off, with no help!

MyStardust Styling with Swarovski! necklaces

This collection is super versatile, the double bracelets can be used as a necklace or double bracelet. You can also connect a two double bracelets to make a longer necklace, they are really fun to play around with and layer up. Personally, I have been wearing them all as bracelets, but I might wear them as necklaces soon too, because they are just so pretty!

MyStardust Styling with Swarovski! bracelets

For the past 7 days, I have been wearing Swarovski Stardust collection and posting pictures on my instagram each day. No matter when I am or what I am doing, these bracelets go with everything! I can’t believe how many compliments I have had on these bracelets over the last week!

Here are my instagram pictures from over the last week… enjoy!

Swarovski stardust bracelet laura ashley hotel

Swarovski stardust blue crystals necklace

Swarovski stardust  at Sketch london tea
Swarovski stardust  black crystal bracelet

Swarovski stardust  pink crystal bracelet

swarvoski stardust bracelet ootd jewellery

layered swarovski stardust bracelts with boohoo pastel fur jacketI worked with Swarovski on this blog post, I’m so lucky to be able to work with brands I love!