New Shoes! Chiara Ferragni!

Chiara Ferragni is one of the worlds biggest bloggers, running the site The Blonde Salad. With the Blonde Salad Crew, she travels the world, blogs round the clock, works with the worlds top designers and somehow manages to fit in the time to create a shoe line and a jewellery line… Holy Smokes! This girl makes the rest of us feel lazy!

the blonde salad blink shoes eyes

I love a quirky shoe and Chiara Ferragni’s Blink Eye shoe caught my attention a little while ago. Last week, I decided I couldn’t hold back any longer and I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to a pair!

These shoes are made from leather calfskin in Italy. The eye detail is made from suede and Patent leather, while the uppers and lining is made from leather. I am super impressed with their high quality finish and the design is just too cute to resist!

the blonde salad blink eye shoes

These shoes come in a number of different colours and there are a whole host of other cute designs in the collection. Check them out here!

Slacking in style…

This weekend I had some alone time; I watched teen films back-to-back, ate my favourite yogurt from the tub, customised a piece of furniture (badly… what an error!), procrastinated a huge amount and did some writing and photography for future blog posts. Sometimes it’s nice to fall off the radar, hide away and watch Josie and the Pussycats, followed by Twilight, followed by Heathers. Back to back teen films is always a good idea!

one piece

So, here is my guilty pleasure… My One Piece! While admittedly a One Piece might not be most stylish item of clothing, they are crazy comfortable and cosy. There is nothing like cuddling up in one of these bad boys, especially when it’s a cold day and you want to feel snug as a bug. They remind me of a Chinese take away from your favourite restaurant, it might not be the best for you, but you love it! My One Piece is my guilty pleasure!

While I would never wear a Onesie in public (it’s just not chic!), I do think they make the best item of clothing for lazy days and Winter lounging. I used to have a Onesie from Primark, it may have been a bit cheaper, but it was badly made, it fell apart quickly and it just wasn’t that warm and snug.

Do you want a One Piece? Now is the best time to buy one as there is a sale on, and if you want a 15% discount, use this Code at the check out ‘ZPO55A’ … you’re welcome!

A Classic Loafer!

Remember my blog post about Leather backpacks? There was a time where I thought leather backpacks were the ugliest effing thing I had ever seen. It was probably around the same time I used to see my mum’s leather loafers and cringe at how boring they were.

chanel bag daniel footwear loafers

Well, shame on me, as I have spent my Summer thinking about how much I want a pair of classic black leather loafers and during the heatwave, I promised myself a pair as soon as Autumn appeared. Maybe I am growing up, but I just have had a hankering for a classic loafer.

black flat loafers daniel footwear

The other day I felt a slight chill and as I reached to get my cardigan, I also reached to get my laptop… it was time to make myself an order for my loafers! So here they are! Classic black leather loafers, a perfect shape, quality leather and super comfortable. I think they look really chic and I am super excited about wearing these all through the darker months!

classic loafers black daniel footwear

It turns out my mum is not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom, as she was way ahead of the trend on this one! I am pretty sure she has a pair identical to this, perhaps she shops at Daniel Footwear too?!

What do you think of my new shoes? PS. can you tell I was watching Mean Girls while writing this post?!

Contouring with Bourjois!

Contouring is HOT HOT HOT right now, and while I am mega afraid of bronzers (I’m crazy pale), I am interested in the idea of contouring and I have recently been trying to use my blusher to get a bit of the effect.

boujois bronzer summer contouring

I recently got an information pack from Bourjois Paris, all about how to contour and highlight. They have broken it down perfectly and made a product which provides you with two powder; one to highlight, one to tan. They also included a quick sketch of where to apply the powders and I couldn’t resist sharing the information. The colours can be built up so that you can use as little or as much as you want too!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder + Highlighter retails for £7.99 and you can buy it from Boots!

Bourjois guide to contouring and bronzer

These are a few of my favourite things!

So here is what I have been loving lately… These are a few of my favourite things!

cartier love ring

First of all, I don’t want to sound like I am showing off, but I am so excited I own a Cartier Love ring! I love this ring and I have been swooning over it for a while now. In fact, I kept going into the shop to visit it, not to buy, just to visit it! I am incredibly lucky my boyfriend bought it for me recently as a birthday gift! I have been wearing it every day, either alone or layered up with other jewellery! I love it and I know I will have it forever!

emma block fashion illustration prints

I have been a fan of Emma Block’s beautiful illustrations for a few years now. When I saw she had a give away on her blog to win prints, I entered but I never thought I would be lucky enough to win… but I did!! I am so super happy with them, they are the most beautiful prints and I am so happy to have won them! Check out Emma’s blog and Etsy shop, both are a treat for the eyes!

thomas sabo necklace spike
I used to think Thomas Sabo was all about charms and cherries, but over the last few seasons, the brand has really moved on and become really quite cool!

I went to their press day recently and I loved their whole AW14 collection, I can’t wait for it to launch later this year! In the mean time, I have this amazing little spike pendant, which I think is really subtle with a little edge. When I am not sure what jewellery to wear, I find myself putting this on. It looks cool alone as a delicate, yet tough necklace. It also looks really cool layered up with other pendants too.

rotary watch rose gold

I love watches. They look great, I love the tradition and craftsmanship behind them too. I think they look great and say a lot about a persons style. My boyfriend wears a beautiful Omega watch (just like Daniel Craig in James Bond) and I wear a beautiful Rotary Watch. I love this watch, it is really cool, really beautiful and I get so many compliments on it!

the collective dairy yogurt drink

I am a yogurt-oholic these days, I can’t get enough of it. If you get a good one, it is just as satisfying as ice cream but without the guilt! I have recently been hooked on The Collective Dairy’s amazing yogurts and yogurt drinks. These are the most luxe and creamy treats ever; Luscious Lemon yogurts, Creme Brûlée Yogurt, they are so creamy and so tasty! They have just launched their new Yogurt drinks and they are also delicious, somewhere between a smoothie and a yogurt drink and totally tasty and healthy. A perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon treat! Love!

bronze dr martens cloggs footwear

Can you describe your first ever pair of Dr Martens? Of course you can! We all can! Mine were black Mary Janes and I thought they were awesome! That’s the thing about Docs, we all own them or have owned them and we all love them. Have you ever heard anyone complain Docs are ugly? Or poor quality? No, nor me. Docs are great and they really are a great British brand. I have recently got an amazing pair of new Docs from Cloggs Footwear which I absolutely adore. They are copper coloured shoes, I think they look really cool and really slick! They are comfortable, practical and really cool! I love the colour and finish of them too!

the original satchel store tote bag

Satchels are still a huge trend, but I have a thing for what I describe as ‘a classic satchel with a twist’. I love my Original Satchel Store leather tote bag which has satchel style detailing. It is bigger than a satchel, and it is also a tote bag, but the detailing on it, gives a nod to the satchel trend. I’m wearing them here with my Charlotte Olympia Taurus shoes… which I also love!

fashionable selby book

Who doesn’t look snooping around other people’s homes? I know I do and Todd Selby’s new book, Fashionable Selby gives you an insight into some of the worlds most fashionable and fabulous homes and studios! This is probably my favourite coffee table book ever! Highly recommended, every page is a new source of fashion and life inspiration, I love this book!

What are your current favourite things?

Little Luxuries

A sprinkle of luxury in your every day life can really pick up your spirits and feel great, I’m talking about affordable luxuries. That scented candle in your rented flat, the hand wash you love next to your thrifted plates and mugs in your living room. It’s so nice to splash the cash on the little things in life to make things a whole look sweeter!

lush skin care soaps and shower gels

♥Invest in soaps, shower gels and hand washes!

Sounds boring but nothing lifts your mood like a great shower with an amazing new shower gel. Similarly, if you use soap, don’t by a 50p bar from Tesco, treat yourself to a delightful bar which is infused with rose or lavender oils and has tiny pieces of rose petals or lavender seeds running through. L’occitane do some lovely soaps, so do Liberty. They cost a little more, but they smell amazing and last for ages! At the moment I am using Lush soap, which is amazing, it is so zingy and zesty it is amazing! Lush products are always amazing as they are fresh and handmade in the UK and they come in giant slabs which are cut into bars of soap, which is so much fun! I wash my hands about 10 times a day, so I love having a nice hand wash in the bathroom and kitchen! Believe me, soaps, shower gels and hand washes are a great little luxury!

initial cup and sauncer

♥Buy a really great mug!

I have a fair few mugs in my cupboard, but I definitely have a few favourites. Call me crazy, but tea and coffee tastes so much better when it’s a great mug or tea cup! Treat yourself to an amazing tea cup and mug… you use it every day and it will make you happy each time you use it! My current favourite tea cup in a ‘K’ cup and saucer my friend Marsha gave me for Christmas, isn’t it cute?

true grace candle with chanel pearls

♥Buy a new scented candle!

I’m a huge fan of scented candles as they are a wonderful affordable luxury! True Grace are a real winner for me, as they are beautifully scented and really affordable. My current favourite is Rosemary & Eucalyptus as it is so fresh for the summer, but I know when the evenings start to draw in, I will buy myself the Amber candle, as it is just the most fabulous  home scent for Autumn.


♥Buy good towels!

We all bath or shower every day (and if you don’t, shame on you!). We use nice shower gels and bath oils and then we ruin the whole thing by using a musty old towel. Invest in big, clean, white towels and enjoy using them every single day! Mine are from The White Company and they are a joy to use. If you don’t want to spend you hard earned cash on boring things like towels, then ask your family to buy them for your christmas / birthday, I know my parents love to get me practical gifts!

fortnum and mason afternoon tea

♥Buy good Tea!

Sounds silly, but who wants budget tea in the morning! Spend a little extra and get the good stuff, for me, Fortnum & Mason make the most wonderful afternoon tea, it comes in a beautiful tea caddy and it is delicious! When I want peppermint tea, I always go for Twinings Mint Humbug, it’s fresh and zingy and I can’t get enough of it!

balance me rose otto hand cream
♥ Buy good Hand cream!

I love using hand cream. It is a great time to take five minutes to stop, have a think and relax in the middle of the morning or afternoon. I want something rich, yet quickly absorbed and that smells great. Balance Me hand cream is everything I want and I love this! I have one tube in my bag, another by the side of my bed and another in the living room. Obsessed? Yes! But this hand cream is a delight and well worth spending a few extra pounds on!

What are your favourite affordable luxuries?

Anges de Sucre Macaroons!

Earlier this week I headed to West London on a bit if a Anges de Sucre macaroons mission! Not much entices me over to west London, but the promise of the finest macaroons in London is always going to lure me over to the west side, even if it is just for a few hours! 

anges de sucre boutique

There’s been a lot of buzz in London foodie circles around Anges de Sucre shop recently and I thought it was about time I checked it out! It really is the prettiest little treat boutique you have ever seen. It is decorated outside and inside with flowers, tree branches, macaroons and bird motifs. It’s so cute!

They make the most beautiful macaroons and marshmallows, which they serve with hot chocolate (white, milk and dark) as well as a whole host of hand selected coffees.

anges de sucre london
They also have a lot of different fruit and vege juices, so you can drink something green and healthy and reward yourself with a little treat after!

Anges de Sucre macaroons is small but perfect, their treats are super pretty and delicious. If I lived in West London I would be popping in every week, but since I live East, I will just have to buy myself a gift box once in a while instead!

anges de sucre macaroonsMake sure you try the marshmallows, they are incredible! Anges De Sucre is located on 1 Holland Street, London, W8 (near Notting Hill station) or you can buy online

Penhaligon’s: The Countryside Candle Collection

I recently went to Penhaligon’s Christmas in July press day to preview all their amazing festive offerings. While it’s too early to talk about what they have planned for Winter, I did spy some incredible candles which came out earlier this year and I couldn’t resist blogging about them!


Each one of the Countryside Candle collection is inspired by a traditional British country pastime; An Amble in the Orchard, A Picnic in the Meadow, A Walk in the Woods and Tea on the Terrace.


The packaging of these candles is stunning, they are beautiful illustrations of Walter penhaligon and his wife taking part in the country pursuits which the candles are inspired by.

An Amble in the Orchard; Head notes of basil, lavender, and green pea. Heart notes of rose, apple and pear. Base notes of musk, vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood.

A Picnic in the Meadow; Head notes of thyme, clary sale, mown hay and armoise. Heart notes of geranium, clover and heartsease. Base notes of amber, dry hay, oakmoss, musk and patchouli.

A Walk in the Woods; Head notes of clary sage, grapefruit, armoise and fresh cut grass. Heart notes of violet leaf, geranium, muguet and lavender. Base notes of moss, hay, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli.

Tea on the Terrace; Head notes of freshly cut grass. Heart notes of lilac, rose, hyacinth, magnolia, jasmine, lavender and geranium. Base notes of heliotrope.

My favourite is Tea on the Terrace, but if I am honest, the whole collection is joyful and would make an amazing gift for yourself or others! Pop in store soon to check these out, they are beautiful!

Martha Jackson Jewellery

Remember when I wrote about Lily Charmed jewellery? They make adorable charm jewellery, perfect for giving as gifts.

martha jackson jewellery feather ring silver

The design team behind Lily Charmed have another brand, Martha Jackson. It is all made from Stirling Silver and it is perfectly formed tiny pieces of jewellery, inspired by nature.

There is an adorable frog on a lily pad ring, spiders, leaves, flowers, shells, feathers and more!

martha jackson jewellery peapod necklace

I thought the pea pod necklace was adorable, I love the way it’s starting to open to expose pearl peas. I also thought the leaf ring was really special!

martha jackson jewellery feather ring

Which is your favourite piece of Martha Jackson jewellery?