Studio Visit: Theo Fennell

Regular readers of my blog will know I LOVE jewellery, so imagine my excitement when I got an email inviting me to a VIP breakfast at Theo Fennell‘s Flagship store and studio in Chelsea, which included breakfast and a workshop tour. Eating and jewellery? That’s pretty much my ideal morning!

theo fennell the designer man in his studio

Theo Fennell is a widely known as one of the UK’s most important jewellers. The Daddy of British jewellery design and craftsmanship. He studied at Byam Shaw (which now part of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) and then went off to work as an apprentice for Edward Barnard, a very traditional London Silversmiths. Soon after he left Edward Barnard, to open a tiny workshop in London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. He later opened his shop in Chelsea and gradually got bigger and bigger until they rebuilt the building to make a purpose built studio and shop. Each piece of Theo Fennell jewellery is designed and made in the UK in either single units or very limited runs.

theo fennell jewellery designer eaton square cuff

For the past 30 years, Theo Fennell has been creating beautiful, intelligent and witty designs. His 2007 ShowOff! exhibition at the Royal Academy was ground breaking as it changed the way people perceived jewellery. Theo Fennell works with the worlds top stores; Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and gets press regularly in the worlds top glossy magazines. Clients include David Beckham, Kate Middleton, Helen Miriam, Elton John and Madonna… no biggie!

theo fennell chess set in his shop

As well as jewellery, Theo and his team spend a lot of time crafting beautiful and quirky everyday items too. Such as drinking glasses, letter openers and my personal favourite, a giant chess set with skull detailing. One player uses silver chess pieces, the other player uses oxidised chess pieces. It is beautifully presented on a leather board. It is the ultimate gift for the man (or woman) who has everything!

theo fennell the designer sketchbook work sketches

While you can buy Theo Fennell pieces ‘off the peg’, most of what he does is commissions and bespoke designs. The process is incredible, Theo arranges meetings with the client, discusses what they want and what he thinks would be beautiful, draws sketches, makes a spec sheet and creates the piece. Each piece is made in his studio in London, which were a real treat to see. He has stone-setters, engravers, silversmiths and always an apprentice on site. It is very important to Theo he works with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the UK and also important to him that he trains up the next generation too.

This summer sees Theo Fennell partnering with Glorious Goodwood and their Magnolia Cup Race. This is the charity race at Ladies day which takes place on 31st July, one of the most exciting races of the day! Not only is he sponsoring the Magnolia cup, but he will also be previewing the 18kt yellow gold ‘Whip’ Collection.

Here are my photos from my amazing morning… enjoy!

theo fennell the designer man in his studio spec sheets theo fennell the designer man in his studio theo fennell the designer man in his studio jewellers benchtheo fennell the designer man in his studio jewellers bench work in production theo fennell the designer made in england jewellery bespoke designtheo fennell the designer jewellery studio in england made in the uk theo fennell the camels ring and looking glass miniature sculpturetheo fennel silver skull bottle top fashion for lunch studio visit

Thanks for inviting me to your amazing studio and shop, Theo Fennell and team! It was such a treat to hear Theo Fennell talk about his brand, design, craft and jewels!

Beauty reviews!

So what have I tried out lately?

bodhi & birch hand serum biore cleanser balance me face serum
Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum- I’m a massive fan of Bodhi & Birch products. It’s basically all amazing! It’s only sold in the very best stores like Fortnum & Mason. It’s 100% natural, beautifully scented with the most incredible essential oils and it’s a pleasure to use! This Lime Blossom protecting hand serum is fabulous. It smells fresh and zesty, perfect for the summer! It is a lovely texture, quite unusual for a hand cream, but lovely and really works to moisturise my hands. Non-sticky, soaks in fast and lovely to use!

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser – have you ever used a dark coloured cleanser before? Don’t be scared! It’s only dark because it contains charcoal. Charcoal is amazing at drawing out dirt, oil and impurities from skin. This product gives you a deep clean, every day. It smells fresh, contacts charcoal and mint and leaves your skin feeling clean and tingly. It is designed for normal to oily skin, so if you have dry skin, this might not be for you unless you wanted to use it once in a while for a deep clean. If you have oily skin which you want to give a good deep clean every day and or if you have acne, this is perfect for you. I feel like it might be better for slightly younger skin (not my wizened old skin!) Great price point too!

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly – do you know about Indeed Laboratories? If not, oh wow, you need to check them out? They make some amazing products, in particular their face masks, which look scary, but work wonders! Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is the latest launch from the brand, it uses all kinds of crazy science along with hyaluronic acid to provide immediate and long lasting moisture to the skin. It’s a jelly like texture which glides over your skin and keeps you feeling hydrated. It’s also perfect for summer, as it doesn’t sit heavy on your skin and make you feel sweaty on the tube (my pet hate at this time of year!!) loving this product! Especially for summer!! I am using it in the morning as a moisturiser. I am being super sparing with this product as I love it so much!

Balance Me Extra Care Anti-aging face Serum – I’m cracking on in age and I’m feeling the pressure to look after my skin and prevent lines and wrinkles. Recently I have been using Balance Me Anti-aging Face serum, to give my skin a boost of moisture and anti-aging goodness! This serum is 100% natural, contains hyaluronic acid, angelica, neroli and blackberry seed extract. It’s always hard to judge anti-aging properties, as it is a long term effect, however, as a serum, this glides over the skin, locks in moisture and feels great! I have tried so many Balance Me products and I have me never found one I didn’t love. This product is no exception, it’s a great serum, I love using it and I will definitely buy this again! I have been using this at night underneath my night cream and I love it! What would I do without Balance Me? They are such a bathroom staple for me!

Summer Festivals – What to pack!

what to take to a festival blue fringing bag suede

The first time I went to a weekend long festival, I was so underprepared; No tent, no food, no jumper, no pillow, no sunscreen, you name it… I didn’t have it! Over the years, I like to think I have become a little older and a little wiser and I thought I would share my festival packing guide with you all!

dr martens floral boots festival

First up… Footwear! For me, it has to be Dr Martens boots. I personally find wellies can be a bit sweaty and heavy to walk around in all day. Dr Martens are way more comfortable, lighter and waterproof. Unless you are knee-deep in mud and marches, Dr Martens will be comfortable, practical and stylish. Mine are from Daniel Footwear, they floral print is perfect for festivals!

pink sunjellies jelly shoes

I would also recommend packing Jelly shoes, for me it has to be Sunjellies. They are so cute and comfortable, I have two pairs and I love them! They are water proof, cool and perfect for wearing round camp. You can even shower in them, if you manage to get a shower. Much more practical than flip-flops!

keeping clean at a festival what to take to a festival

Let’s talk about keeping clean… at a festival it isn’t easy! While most festivals do have showers, the queues can be mega long. If you need to shower, pick a weird time like 6am, middle of the afternoon or evening, basically try and go when no-one else will be there! Don’t forget to pack a towel and if you don’t get to shower, wet wipes will help you feel a lot more human in the morning, as will super strong deodorant and face wipes. Cowshed have made an amazing tiny roll on perfume called Wild Cow, which is fresh and invigorating, it’s perfect for a festival. Wearing jelly shoes in the shower is essential and you can save a lot of backpack space by taking travel sized products and the sachets you get free in magazines! It sounds obvious, but wash your hair on the morning you leave for the festival, don’t forget a travel sized can of Batiste dry Shampoo. It’s always handy to pack some tissues or toilet roll, not all loo’s will be equipped and it’s nice to know you have your own supply!

dermalogica sport spf 50 best sunscreen sunjellies

Sunscreen is essential at a festival, don’t skimp and buy the budget stuff, buy the good stuff! Sunburn is rubbish, but sunburn at a festival is a million times worse. Take plenty so you can share it with your friends without worry that you will run out. Also if you buy quality suncream, it won’t leave you feeling sticky and it should last longer as you might not remember to reapply, for me, it has to be Dermalogica, it is the best! Painkillers are also handy in case a hangover and ear plugs for noisy neighbours! Also, torches are great at a festival, it doesn’t need to be huge, big and heavy, but it is pretty helpful for getting back to the campsite at night!

what food to take to a festival

It’s good to have some food with you at a festival, while there are a million food vans onsite, it’s good to be able to have a small stash of food with you. Keep it simple; biscuits, beans, apples, rice… if you do have a camping stove, remember that it isn’t *that* easy to do washing up, so pot noodles and pot cous cous and pot pasta can be pretty handy, but you can always have breakfast and lunch at the camp and then find yourself a nice vegetable wrap somewhere for dinner! Try to remember tents get hot in the day, so while buying fresh croissants might seem like a good idea, they will probably only last a day or so before they start going off, cereal bars will last much better! Let’s be honest, no-one is on a detox at a festival, so keep it simple and easy, you can have all the salads you want when you get home!

Do your homework, festivals are a great opportunity to see some amazing bands and so it’s good to have an idea of which bands you want to see and who wants to go see them with you and who wants a lie in. The festival’s website *should* have a full list of all the bands, stages and times uploaded, so try and print it out before you go. If not, you can buy a guide at the festival which will include all the info, but these things cost about £20 (which is way too much) however, you can often ask someone if you can look at theirs and you can always take a photo of it on your iPhone so you can refer to it.

portable iphone charger for festival with havaiana's phone case

Speaking of iPhones, some festivals now have big companies advertising there and letting you charge your phone. The queues for these services can be mega long, and why do you want to be in a queue when you could be having fun!? Instead turn the brightness down, set your emails to retrieve manually and turn it onto aeroplane mode when you are not using it or at night. This is massively help your battery, you can also buy a portable charger for about £20, which is well worth the investment and it’s good to have one of these anyway! Also, it might be time to protect your iPhone with a nice sturdy case, mine is rubber and made by Havaiana’s. It’s nice a sturdy and if I drop my phone, I feel like it has a better chance of surviving with this case!

Swarovski  flower rings , tiny moon necklaces and Swarovski  bracelets

So… let’s talk fashion! I have already recommended Dr Martens and Sunjellies for footwear. A waterproof jacket and jumper is also important as it will be cold at night and it might rain. You want to look cool and you also want to have fun, so pack a selection of jumpsuits, dresses, shorts and tops you are comfortable in. Don’t take too many clothes, just pack the number of outfits you need and maybe one extra … just in case! Then accessorise to the max, flowers in your hair, statement sunnies, hair chalks, jewellery. Have fun with it!

Swarovski crystal bracelets for festivals in green

There is nothing better than a wrist full of friendship bracelets, festival wristbands and sparkles. Similarly with necklaces, layer up the small charm necklaces an crystals for a casual festival look. These green ones are perfect, as they are leather with crystals all over, they give the allusion of lots of tiny bracelets and they are much easier and more comfortable to wear. These ones are from Swarovski.

Swarovski flower necklace with flower hairband

This Swarvoski flower necklace is super cute. Like all of their necklaces, you can sleep in them, dance in them and they look adorable in close up instagram shots. They won’t get in your way and the splash of colour and glitter will really add to the festival look!

cowshed wild cow, essie nail polish revlon colorstain lipstick

In terms of make up, my advice is to keep it light, the more you pile on, the more you will have to try and remove when it’s dark and you are drunk in a tent! So try and keep it fresh and light and wear a bright lipstick, like Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain lipstick to add colour to your face, without feeling like you are caked in make up! Don’t forget to paint your nails with a really fun, brightly coloured polish, Essie is always good as it is nice and long lasting!

Swarovski tiny moon necklaces so cute

I love these Swarovski tiny moon necklaces, you can wear one yourself, and give the other to your best friend!

cleo ferin mercury silk scarf

A silk scarf is also a great accessory at a festival, tie it into a turban during the day for a cool festival look, wear round your neck in the evening to keep the chills away when you are round the campfire and hide your dirty hair with it towards the end of the festival. For me it has to be a Cleo Ferin Mercury scarf, they are the best prints made from the most beautiful silk twill with hand rolled edges!

charlotte ronson for vogue sunglasses with Swarovski necklace

Sunglasses are a festival must; glitter, novelty shapes, embellished with flowers, neon! Personally, I adore these dreamy pink Charlotte Ronson for Vogue eyewear glasses from Sunglass hut! With cute lace effect detailing and pink pink colour, these are perfect for a festival! ASOS and Boohoo are also great places to buy festival-ready sunglasses!

corder london fringing backpack with cleo ferin mercury scarf

At a festival you want to have your arms free for dancing, holding drinks and burgers. A bum bag would be the best kind of bag to have, but not many of us feel confident with a bum bag! So why not get a backpack instead. I have an amazing one by Corder London, which is blue suede with fringing, very cool and cute, perfect for a festival, and this one only cost £25. ASOS also have some great backpacks too!

Have fun, dance to your favourite bands and make some amazing memories!

Proof Eyewear

I first came across wooden frame sunglasses a couple of years ago when my friend Marsha was rocking them on a trip Paris. I thought they were pretty cool and I was interested!

I want proof eyewear wood framed sunglasses

A little less fashion forward than my friend, a year later decided I wanted a pair of wood framed sunglasses too. I did a little research online and I found an amazing company in America who make the most incredible wood framed sunglasses and have such a love a wood and passion for what they do!

Proof Eyewear was founded in 2011, but the roots of the company can be traced back to the 1960s when Bud Dame started a sawmill in southern Utah. Over the years Bud worked in the sawmill and so did all his family, including his grandsons, Brooks, Tanner and Taylor. They learnt the importance of sustainability and the skills of woodwork.

Proof started life in 2010, when founder Brooks was trying to create a bamboo ski pole in his garage. It didn’t really work very well, but he kept thinking about other things he could make with all his woodwork skills. He wanted to create a beautiful and sustainable products from wood and he eventually hit on the idea of sunglasses and other small accessories.

I want proof eyewear wood framed sunglasses

Brooks started Proof with just a laptop in a garage, he had a day job, but spent his evenings working on the project. The website went live in February 2011 and within the first day of the website launching, Proof sold 6 pairs of sunglasses. Pretty impressive for any new business! They quickly signed up to some trade shows and were an instant hit with press and buyers, securing their first orders and being stocked in cool stores across America.

In just a few short years, the brothers have worked together to move out of the garage and open their own flagship shore in Idaho, USA. They have a small team who create, market and sell their items and they stay true to their woodworking roots and their desire to make beautiful eco-friendly and sustainable items!

Proof make super cool designs of eyewear, they play with different woods, colours and shapes. The wood is carefully crafted, it is fine and durable, as well as being super lightweight and comfortable to wear. No splinters here! The thing about Proof is they really know all about wood and what it can do, so they are not afraid to experiment with it. The mens behind proof are pretty cool people too, so they designs are really fashion forward and cool. Speaking of which, the brand do a lot of good work too, they give back to the environment and people.

I want proof eyewear wood framed sunglasses

I was going to choose full wood framed sunglasses, but I couldn’t resist these amazing wood and cotton based acetate sunnies instead! I love the shape, they are super comfortable and look amazing on. I have had so many compliments on these sunnies already!

What do you think of Proof sunglasses? Are you tempted to rock the woodwork?

Ps. Photographed with Lucy Choi London Shoes, Vivienne Westwood Ring, Etsy Crown ring and Cartier Love ring.

Underwear… Because we wear it every day!

bjorn borg underwear debenhams agent provocateur

I love shopping for clothes, but I find shopping for underwear a bit of a chore! I know it is meant to be the most fun thing to shop for, but I want good underwear and I want it to be comfortable, cute and functional!

I find it hard to buy underwear online. I like to do it in store, I also want to make it’s good quality, the right fabrics, the right support and the right shape. There is nothing worse than tights which feel rough, a bra that doesn’t support and knickers which give you a wedgie!

Tights – A bad pair of tights can ruin your day. If they slip down or don’t quite go high enough, or simply the fabric is rough and uncomfortable, it’s just not what you need! Cheap tights are a real false economy, they are uncomfortable and they are also ladder super fast. So my advice is to only buy brands you know work for you. Personally, I am a big fan of Pretty Polly tights, I usually do a bit of a bulk order of them in fact, I’m due a big order!

Bras – I was sat on a tube recently and I could feel the under-wiring slipping out of my bra… not chic! I took a detour on my way to my appointment and stopped by Debenhams. I was so impressed with their service, I was measured and fitted by a super helpful sales assistant. I’m a bit of a prude, so I hate being measured and fitted, but she was so nice and so discreet, that it wasn’t awkward at all. She pointed me in the direction of a great selection of bras and I was so impressed with her choices, I bought two. Both of which I really like and I am planning on going back for more soon!

Knickers – Again, I have a few pairs of knickers from Debenhams and the quality and fit is great. Other great stores for knickers are Selfridges and John Lewis. I find the best place to buy day-to-day underwear is a department store, as they have a great selection by lots of specialist underwear brands and the sales assistants tend to be really well trained and unbiased with brands.

Thrifty – if you know your bra size but don’t have a big ol’ budget, try TK Maxx. They have lots of great brands, all organised in-store by size, not by brand. So you just find the right section for you bra size and start choosing. So easy! Buying matching underwear is not as easy here, but if you want to buy a black or white bra to wear with black or white knickers you already own and for a great price, TK Maxx can’t be beaten!

Fancy – I love a bit of Agent Provocateur for a little fancy underwear. Not all of it is diiiiiirrrrty, they do some lovely shapes, fits, colour and prints. Really cool and really well made. If I could afford to buy it full price, I would, but personally I wait for the sales! Well worth the wait though! Shhhhhh there is a sale on right now!

Socks – For me, it’s Happy Socks every day! I love the colours and prints, they are so cute and colourful. They are also great quality and they do some amazing collaborations too!

Men – I consulted my boyfriend on this one, and he swears by Bjorn Borg underwear. The boxers are comfortable, great quality and well made. He loves the fit and the feel of them and with good prints and detailing. As for the socks, well they are pretty great too. Again, great quality, great fit and great prints. Bjorn Borg is a street sports brand, so they have really done the research and development to make the fit and functionality great.

New Look Prom Time!

I love prom time!! Flicking through magazines and seeing visuals of prom dresses and tiaras!

While my all-girls school didn’t have a prom, I spent my time at university wearing prom dresses and taking every opportunity I could to dance to Madonna songs! Ah, the memories!!

In the 50′s the girls wore the most beautiful tulle dresses, in the 70′s they were a little more Ossie Clark, in the 80′s it was more Madonna and taffeta and now… well it is a little of everything isn’t it? From Long, simple and sexy gowns, to retro swing dresses to heavily embellished frocks. It’s simple, dress up, have fun, buy something you adore and make sure you feel fabulous and the shape works for you! Personally, I like to think I’m “Molly Ringwald meets Madonna and hung out with Countney Love”! What’s your prom look?

I found this amazing visual from New Look, showing you all about prom dresses, I couldn’t resist posting it! New Look is a great place to buy a prom dress as they are really pretty and really affordable and you can get some amazing statement jewellery there too!

The Evolution of the Prom Dress by New Look

Charlotte Ronson for Vogue Eyewear

Holy smokes! Have you seen the Charlotte Ronson for Vogue Eyewear collection?

It is literally my dream sunglasses collection! Inspired by the brand’s Global Ambassador Eva Mendes the collection pays homage to the actresses’ chic style and femininity with delicate floral prints, pastel hues and scallop details.

charlotte ronson for vogue sunglasses with cleo ferin mercury collar and super cute lollypop

charlotte ronson for vogue sunglasses with lulu frost necklace and super cute lollypop

I am crazy in love with the colours and soft lace detailing! Literally, I dream of owning every pair in the collection! The clear pastel pink and green pair are so pretty and perfect for summer.

charlotte ronson for vogue sunglasses with pearl and queenie necklace and charlotte olympia kitty shoes

The brown pair are perfect for more casual, everyday looks. They still have the lace detailing, but I think they are slightly easier to wear, especially later in the year when you get those bright Autumn days! I love the print on the reverse of the sunglasses too. So cute!

charlotte ronson for vogue sunglasses with dr martens shoes and lulu frost necklace

I have photographed two pairs of sunglasses for you to see, but I highly recommend you check out the full collection! The optical (available at and sun frames (available from come in a variety of amazing colours and they are out now!

charlotte ronson for vogue sunglasses with vintage style super cute lollypop

Let’s talk about… Rotary Watches

I love a brand with a rich history and Rotary is a true family run business with such a great story to tell. It was founded in 1895 in Switzerland by M. Dreyfuss. He made each watch by hand in his small workshop, it was important to him that each one was high quality and beautifully designed. He was a true Swiss watchmaker and these values are still upheld by the brand today.

rotary watch rose gold bracelet with cartier love ring

M. Dreyfuss started the brand in 1895, but it wasn’t until the 1920′s when two of his sons opened a UK import office that the brand really started to spread their wings, literally, as soon after in 1925 they added the famous Rotary winged logo to the brand. They were also the official watch supplier of the British Army, in fact, their time pieces were worn by our soldiers during the Second World War.

rotary watch with crystals - exclusive to ernest jones

Today, all Rotary watches are waterproof and are suitable for shallow diving. They also all have a life time guarantee, which is impressive considering their price points. Rotary delivery affordable luxury and quality to their customers and they are not afraid to stand by their watches for a lifetime.

Rotary have five collections:

Rotary Aquaspeed – a collection of unisex sports watches, perfect for those wanting robust yet stylish time piece, even when taking part in sports.

Rotary Revelation – two faces on one watch, perfect if you travel a lot. These watches look slick and they are reversible. Each face is a different colour so you know which colour shows which time zone. Pretty amazing!

Rotary Ultra Slim – a collection of dress watches for a more elegant evening look.

Rotary Timepieces – the classics!

Rotary Jura – a collection of watches with their own proprietary movements.

rotary watch bracelet rose gold ernest jones exclusive

I have the Rotary Rose Gold Paris Bracelet. Which retails for £199 and is exclusive to Ernest Jones. I love the coloured stainless steel strap, the round face and the subtle crystals. It is a really feminine watch with a slight masculine feel. A lot of the fashion watches at the moment have a real ‘boyfriend with bling’ feel. This is less bling and less boyfriend, so a little more timeless, which is really what the brand is about, timeless design. I also love the fact that it’s a fashionable watch by a watchmaker, rather than a watch by a fashion brand. I think it looks really great on, and I love the fact it is a quality watch which is built to last!

What do you think of my new watch?

Charlotte Olympia introduces ‘Kitty & Co’

charlotte olympia kitty and co shoes Regular readers of my blog will have seen me wearing the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats over and over again!! I often joke they need to be surgically removed from my feet as I wear them so often. They are cute and comfortable, so easy to wear, so I couldn’t resist telling you about the new launch from the brand, Kitty & co.
charlotte olympia kitty and co shoes
Which kitty are you? Clever, Cheeky, Hippy, Party or Pouty? There are so many new animated Kitties to choose from, all super cute and super fun!

Available on now! There is even a really fun way to figure out which kitty you are! Personally, I feel like Cheeky Kitty, but I also have a soft spot for Clever Kitty and Pouty Kitty.

Which Kitty are you?

Beauty reviews!

It’s time for some more beauty reviews!

neom organic candle ruby red foot cream balance me eye cream

Neom Organics Sicilian lemon and basil scented candle – Neom Organics have have a bit of a face lift lately! Isn’t the new packaging beautiful? I’m a bit of a scented candle addict and Neom are one of my very favourite brands! This Feel Refreshed, Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil candle is so nice. Fresh, fruity and warm. It smells like lemons in a hot climate, not bitter, warm and delicious! Blended with basil, it is the dream lemon scented candle! Perfect for summer and fills my room fast with the scent! Watch out for Neom this year, 2014 is going to be a pretty exciting time for the brand!!

Ruby Red Foot cream – I am a nightmare when it comes to looking after my feet! I walk a lot so they are often hard and dry, so when I decide to layer on the foot cream, I feel like it has quite a job to do! I liked this foot cream so much I applied two layers and then did my boyfriends feet with it too. The peppermint scent was really lovely and fresh, the texture waste soft whipped cream and a little goes a long way! My feet feel a while lot better for using it and I’m really impressed with it! I’m looking forward to trying more from the brand!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream – I’m a Balance Me addict and this is the second time I have bought this dream. It’s great value, really nice to apply, smooth and non-sticky. It helps my dire dark circles and a little goes a long way, so it lasts a good old while!

Antonia Burrell Cream Supreme Moisturiser – this is possibly the smallest pot of cream ever but it has lasted weeks! Super smooth and perfect for summer as it’s light yet nourishing. It is 100% natural and has a really lovely soft scent of seed oil (I think that is what it is!). It has really kept my skin nourished in the heat without feeling heavy on my skin. It has also reduced redness on my cheeks and it is so gentle, I don’t mind using it near my eyes too. Loving this moisturiser so much I think I might have to buy the full sized product soon! LOVE IT!