OOTD: Bubble Gum Handbag!

asos bubble dum minty clutch bag

ASOS Bubblegum Clutch bag

I cannot get over the cuteness of this ASOS Bubblegum clutch bag, nor can I get over the super affordable price tag!! What did the world do before ASOS and their super-cool designs and jammed-packed website?! This bubblegum clutch bag was too cute not to snap up! I still can’t believe I missed out on these amazing boots. It just goes to show, you snooze, you lose!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Say *Hello!* to my new Marc by Marc Jacobs watch! Isn’t it a dream? I spent ages picking it out, I couldn’t figure out if I wanted a leather strap or metal, but eventually I went for leather as I think it’s more classic and way more comfortable to wear. Yet another item I have had on my wish list for ages… I’m a lucky girl!

Butler & Wilson Brooch

This Next Denim jacket, has been a Summer staple for me. To keep it looking fresh and exciting, I have been playing around with different pin badges and brooches to keep it exciting. My latest is by Butler & Wilson, this brooch has been on my wish list for years! The lips are iconic Bulter & Wilson and the lips shape is simple and classic!

Hiho Silver Bracelet

I wear Hiho Silver jewellery all the time, I absolutely love it! If you want to buy yourself some treats from Hiho Silver, use the discount code FASHIONFORLUNCH to get a 15% discount. Valid until 31st August.


Where is it all from?

ASOS Bubblegum Clutch Bag

Next Dark Wash Denim Jacket / Boohoo Swing Dress in Black

Chanel Colour Palette Scarf (past season, but see current season here)

Butler & Wilson Small Lips Brooch / Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Hiho Silver Beaded Silver Bangle / Monica Vinader Linear Friendship Bracelet

Vagabond Grace Zip Boot in Black Nubuck / Boden Selina Sunglasses in Pink

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asos bubble dum minty clutch bag handbag

marc by marc jacobs wach black leather

asos bubble dum minty clutch bag pastel pink

boden pink selena sunglasses sunnies glasses

butler and wilson brooch red lips kiss

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DIY Tutorial: Sticker handbag!

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

The Jacket

A few weeks ago I had a vision of a denim jacket with patches all over and I decided I was going to create it myself. I headed over to Pinterest and gathered some inspiration and I customised this jacket. I have worn it over and over again as it’s easy to pair with the rest of my wardrobe and it’s really fun. Even though it was super easy to do, people are still really impressed that I did it myself.

Sticker Obsessed

As a child I was a full on sticker obsessive. I collected them, traded them, asked for them for my birthday. I was always looking for new and rare stickers and I was basically obsessed. I probably still have my sticker book at my parents, filled with my treasured furries and shinnies! My love of stickers has never really died, as a teenager I always bought band stickers at gigs to put on my vintage suitcases, anyone else remember Bis? I still have a Bis sticker on a vintage ballet case. Too cute!


I was recently scrolling through Pinterest and I saw a picture pop up of a girl with stickers on her shoes, I was interested. I can remember sticking heart shaped stickers on my boots and it brought back all the memories. I set about making a new Pinterest board, filled with stickers and adhesive adorned accessories. At this point, there is only one thing left to do… make my own!

Fashion Stickers

I’m not the only one sticking stickers on my accessories. Last season Anya Hindmarch teamed up with Chaos Fashion to produce the sticker shop, a fabulous range of luxe leather emoji-like stickers, which you can customise  your handbag and phone case with. They were of course fabulous and I really wanted one, but I got the Chanel Boy Bag instead. Personalised items have been popular for a while now, whilst it’s still super chic, I’m kind of over it. Monogramming and personalising your accessories with stickers, is so much more fun!

hologram handbag silver boohoo handbag The Bag

Customising items is always a gamble. It might look awesome, it might look pants. With this in mind, I never want to ruin an amazing handbag with a dreadful DIY project, nor do I want to create something awesome on an item of clothing with is horrid. Also, the project needs to fit the item you are customising. If you sticker up a tan leather slouchy handbag, it just won’t work, instead I wanted something cute and sassy! My bag is from Boohoo. Things to remember when looking for a bag to sticker up:

  • Whilst clutch bags are super cute, I’m a fiddler, I knew if I was holding a clutch bag in my arms all day, I would be tempted to pick the stickers off!
  • Stickers tend to be bright and colourful, so whilst it might feel like a good idea to pick a hot pink or sunshine yellow handbag, something more neutral might make the colours pop more. Black, white or silver. Clear bags can look really cool too, I went for hologram to match the hologram effect of the stickers.
  • It’s inevitable your stickers will peel off eventually, but some surfaces are better for adhesives than others. Fur will always be a bad idea, where as a plastic will hold stickers better.
  • I’m a big fan of over-spending on handbags, but this is one of the few times I would recommend not splashing out. Find something fun and affordable, it’s hardly a luxe look!

vintage retro smily face stickers

The Stickers

There are so many places to buy stickers; Paperchase, toy shops, Amazon … they are everywhere! I picked up these smiley face stickers on a little shop on Bethnal Green Road. I think they cost £1.29. I liked the mix of colours, sizes and I thought they looked really bright and cheerful. You can buy one style of stickers which come in a verity of colours and sizes, or you can buy lots of different packs and play around with mixing up the textures, sizes and motifs. If you want to play it safe, opt for a single pack like mine. It’s important to remember paper (or furry) stickers will ruin in the rain, so if they have a plastic finish, they will last better!

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

Go for it!

Make sure your bag is nice and clean before you start sticking your stickers down, as it will be much harder to clean once the stickers are placed. Also, any dirt of grease will stop the stickers from fixing onto the bag as effectively as they should. Don’t be afraid to give it a quick wipe over with surface cleaner and a cloth if you think it needs it!

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

Keep Going!

If you start sticking and you don’t like it, don’t worry, just keep sticking, it will all come together eventually. This is a more-is-more look, three stickers in it will probably look rubbish, lots of stickers will look great! Try to remember to distribute the colours of the stickers evenly. I laid my stickers out across the bag and then I filled them in at each side. Avoid placing your stickers too near the edge of the bag or over the clasp and stitching as they will cling better to the material.

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

Finishing Touches

Once you have stickered up your bag, you might want keep it as it is, or you might want to add a bag charm. Mine is from New Look (past season) and it also features a face motif, I really like the added texture too. If you are wanting to buy the same bag as me, it is from Boohoo.

I hope you like it!!

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

hologram boohoo handbag with smily face stickers smiley diy tutorial

smily face keyring purse new look

 PS. If you make your own and post about it, remember to tweet @labelsforlunch so I can add the photos to my Pinterest board! 

OOTD: A jacket or a cup of coffee?

charlotte olympia jewellery brooch vivienne westwood purple orb brooch pink and orange denim jacket face brooch

This is one of those days where my jacket cost the price of a coffee and my bag cost the price of a car. I picked up this pink and orange denim jacket from a charity shop a few days ago, I almost didn’t *treat* myself. I figured it cost the same amount as a hot beverage and I would be an idiot not to buy it. Luckily when I got this Chanel bag I didn’t have the same reservations, otherwise I might not be flaunting it now!

Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses

I’m still not over these sunglasses! They were on my wish list for pretty much ever, and I was super excited when I finally got them!! I’m always surprised at how flattering they are to wear too, most of my more *playful* sunglasses are hard to wear every day, but these are really wearable!

Arm Candy

Some bracelets are really annoying. I find bangles can really get in the way and annoy the hell out of me, others have tiny little clasps which are impossible to fasten alone. I always thought clasp bracelets were reserved for girls who have boyfriends, but actually, they are not. My boyfriend can’t work them as his fingers are too big and I have better chance doing them alone. First World Problems? Totally. All these bracelets are by Hiho Silver and I love them as they are super easy to fasten, they fit really nicely around my wrist and I’m addicted to snaffle designs. If you want to buy yourself some treats from Hiho Silver, use the discount code FASHIONFORLUNCH to get a 15% discount. Valid until 31st August.

Ash Footwear Shoes

I know my mum will take one look at these shoes and call them ‘Chavy school shoes’ and my hipster sister will look at them and say ‘Cool shoes’. They are both right, which is why these shoes are awesome! They are by Ash Footwear, they are super cool and comfortable. Perfect every day shoes!

Where is it all from?

Apparel:  Boohoo Swing Dress in Black & Thrifted Denim Jacket

Handbag: Chanel Large Classic Flap Handbag

Shoes: Ash Footwear Shadow Shoes

Sunglasses: Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses in Black

Jewellery: All Bracelets by Hiho Silver (don’t forget to use the discount code FASHIONFORLUNCH for 15% off)

Chanel Candy Sweets Necklace (past collection, new season here)

Chanel Barrette (past collection, new season here)

Vivienne Westwood Brooch (past collection, new season here)

Charlotte Olympia Brooch (past collection, other accessories here)

chanel hair clip hairclip barette

wildfox bel air sunglasses

hiho silver snaffle bracelets arm candy

red hot sunglasses wildfox bel air

wildfox couture bel air sunglasses blue black

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lust worth handbag chanel black chain strap

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chanel black classic double flap handbag

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