Clocks go back!

This weekend the clocks go back, meaning Summer is officially over. Sad news I know, but maybe console yourself with buying yourself a souvenir?! Perhaps one of these Cath Kidston Clock print items!

Personally, I want the bag, but I know the teapot would come in pretty handy on cold Winter afternoons.

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

cath kidston clock print dress

cath kidston clock print tea set cath kidston clock print tote cath kidston clock print teapot

#MyStardust Styling with Swarovski!

MyStardust Styling with Swarovski!

It’s no secret I am a bit of a Swarovski magpie, I mean, what girl doesn’t love a crystal or two?!

One of the latest editions to the Swarovski brand is the Stardust bracelets. They are made from a nylon fishnet tube, which encases hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals. Simple, sparkly and chic. I love them as you can wear the black, silver or gold for a simple evening look. Or you can layer up a few coloured ones for a fun, day time look. Whatever colour you go for, when they hit the lights, they sparkle like only a Swarovski crystal knows how!  They are super easy to put on too, as they have a magnet fastening, so you can can easily put them on and take them off, with no help!

MyStardust Styling with Swarovski! necklaces

This collection is super versatile, the double bracelets can be used as a necklace or double bracelet. You can also connect a two double bracelets to make a longer necklace, they are really fun to play around with and layer up. Personally, I have been wearing them all as bracelets, but I might wear them as necklaces soon too, because they are just so pretty!

MyStardust Styling with Swarovski! bracelets

For the past 7 days, I have been wearing Swarovski Stardust collection and posting pictures on my instagram each day. No matter when I am or what I am doing, these bracelets go with everything! I can’t believe how many compliments I have had on these bracelets over the last week!

Here are my instagram pictures from over the last week… enjoy!

Swarovski stardust bracelet laura ashley hotel

Swarovski stardust blue crystals necklace

Swarovski stardust  at Sketch london tea
Swarovski stardust  black crystal bracelet

Swarovski stardust  pink crystal bracelet

swarvoski stardust bracelet ootd jewellery

layered swarovski stardust bracelts with boohoo pastel fur jacketI worked with Swarovski on this blog post, I’m so lucky to be able to work with brands I love!

Little Life Changers

Sometimes you find tiny little things, which are game changers. These are mine:

Until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you can’t judge them. With a similar thought in mind, if you haven’t lounged in a One Piece, you can’t judge me. There is nothing better than getting home from a long day of meetings, press days and coffees and getting changed into a One Piece. If I am working form home for the day, I might even wear one all day long. No shame. If you don’t have one, you won’t understand. A One Piece, is life changing!

Bobby Pins, Kirby Grips, whatever you want to call them. When I was younger I loved a hair clip. I had a pretty extensive collection of them. One thing I never understood was a hair clip which didn’t have a pattern, print or shape on it. After all, why wear a bobby pin when you could wear one with a bow on? I still love a bow in my hair, but I now see the point of a bobby pin. When my hair is flat, they give my hair instant volume, when I need a hair cut (which I have done for about a year now – oops!) they give my hair instant shape and style. They even make a grown out fringe into a glamorous side sweep. For those girls who can do fancy things with their hair like quiffs and victory rolls, they need them too. They cost about 2p each, but they are game changers!

Know that feeling of wearing heels and before you have even got to the venue your feet hurt?! Well, no more! I finally got a pair of Cocorose foldable ballet pumps. Best. Thing. Ever! You leave the house wearing them, your ‘real shoes’ are in your bag. Just before you get there, you slip the pumps off, fold them up and tuck them in the pouch. Noone will ever know. Once they are folded they take up so little space in your bag. The travel pouch provided means you do get pavement dirt inside your bag. And the best part is, when you walk home and change back into them, your feet will thank you. The soles are so padded and so comfortable it’s heaven. How I lived without these, I will never know!

A couple of years ago my mum gave me one of the greatest gifts ever. A towel turban. It was something I never knew existed, I have no idea why she had one, plus a spare. But I took it and I have never looked back. It’s a small piece of towelling, shaped to make the perfect turban for after you have washed your hair. So much better than using a towel, it’s lighter, easier and way more comfortable to wear. I’m not sure where my mum got hers, but you can buy them on ebay for practically nothing.

There is a time and place to cut costs and you should never think ‘oh these will do’ when it comes to buying tights. You can buy good tights without spending a fortune, Pretty Polly tights are great value and super comfortable. If you want to go higher end, Falke tights are pretty great, as are Tabio. There is nothing worse than spending you day pulling your tights up because they have slipped down your hips, or they are half way down your thighs. I can’t stand that feeling of holes in the toes so that my toes poke through. A bad pair of tights can literally ruin your day. So, if in doubt, buy Pretty Polly’s 100 Denier black opaque tights.

What are you little life changers?!

Hermes ‘Caleche’ Perfume

I remember the first time I ever smelt Hermes ‘Caleche’ Perfume. I was at the Eurostar in Paris, we had about 40 minutes until we boarded our train, if you have ever been to Gare du Nord in Paris, you will know there is not much to do in their departure lounge. Hell, on a busy day, you can barely find a seat, let alone something to keep you entertained! We decided to go and spend 5 minutes smelling perfumes, but as I looked around the shelves, my eyes were drawn to all the cheap high street perfumes and I discreetly said to my friend, ‘There’s nothing for me here!’. Snobby? Yes, I can be. Especially when it comes to perfumes!

hermes caleche perfume

Always the optimist, my friend insisted I smelt some perfumes, she figured there must be something here I liked. She pulled out the classic crowd pleasers; Kenzo, Marc Jacobs etc. I dismissed them for being too well known. She then pulled our ‘Caleche’ by Hermes and told me it was one of her favourite ever perfumes. I sprayed the card and fell in love! This perfume is dreamy! With top notes of bergamot, orange and jasmine. Heart notes of rose, ylang-ylang and iris. It’s woody, musky, citrusy and smells like old school glamour. I have the Eau de Parfum and the Eau de toilette, personally I do prefer the slightly heavier scent of the EDF and I’m convinced it lasts longer and smells a little more full bodied. I would pay a little extra and get the EDP. If you like something a little lighter the EDT would be better for you. While the ETD is slightly lighter than the EDP, it’s by no means ‘light’, it’s still a beautiful rich perfume. I would probably buy the EDT as a gift, but I would want the EDP for me!

Everything about this perfume oozes class and glamour. It’s a classic and it’s fabulous!

Preppy Style

I’m not sure what happened this morning, but I came over all preppy. I found myself wandering around Westfield, looking a little like I should be heading off to school rather than shopping. Ah well, what can you do!?

Jacket Vintage / Dress ASOS / Bag by Fleming London / Necklace c/o Oliver Bonas / Stardust Bracelets Swarovski / Tights Wolford / Shoes by Ash.

flemming london backpack

fashion for lunch flemming london bag

oliver bonas necklace shape

swarvoski stardust bracelets

flemming london bag

Weekend Workshop

The last few week have been pretty busy and even my weekends have been filled with one thing or another. So I was really looking forward to this weekend as I knew we had nothing planned and we could have some down-time, just my boyfriend and I.

One of our favourite weekend things to do is go for a leisurely brunch. We had heard rumours that Workshop Coffee was lovely and since Clarkenwell is just a quick Uber away (I swear it’s the only way my boyfriend gets around these days, I’m a little thriftier) we decided to go there on our way into town.

workshop cafe coffee

great london bruch workshop cafe

london lunch workshop cafe

Workshop is somewhere I had been before for meetings, the kind of meetings which include coffee but not food. The coffee at Workshop is amazing, it’s for real coffee lovers and famed for their roasts and beans. Personally, I found my latte so intense I could only handle one before I moved onto orange juice, but my boyfriend was in his element and ordered two because he couldn’t get enough of the coffee buzz! Clearly I’m not a coffee connoisseur as I am ordering lattes rather than expressos.

workshop coffee cafe london brunch

For brunch my man had eggs Benedict. I had poached eggs on sourdough bread with some sides of avocado, tomatoes and bacon. It’s hard to know where to start as it was pretty much perfect! The eggs, bacon, avacado, everything was fresh, well cooked, using great ingredients. My boyfriends was also incredible, perfectly cooked eggs, succulent ham hock and a rich sauce. The portions were also prefect; generous enough to be a big hearty brunch, but not so big you can’t finish it.

workshop coffee london brunch

If you haven’t been to Workshop, it’s well worth trying, there are a few around London (I went to Clerkenwell) and the coffee and food is amazing. It’s really relaxed, fair prices and the service is great! I will definitely be going back, I really loved everything about Workshop and so did my boyfriend!

Dresscode : This place is hip and casual. Think beards, quality knitwear, effortlessly chic girls with big specs.

House of Holland! New Eyewear Collection!

If you love a good pair of sunglasses, you are going to go crazy over the new House of Holland eyewear collection!

The campaign shots features British singer/songwriter Jess Glynne and the photos are so cool and so much fun. Multi-coloured faux fur, big hair, red lips, cartoons and 90’s vibez.

This collection is classic House of Holland; playful, clever and super hip! Which is your favourite pair?

house of holland sunglasses

house of holland eyewear 2014

house of holland sunglasses 2014 mood shot

house of holland eggy sunglasses photo

Vivetta X Claudie Pierlot

I have been a fan of Italian fashion designer, Vivetta for a few years now. I have spent many, many hours lusting after their dresses, collars and most recently, shoes! I never bought anything because I just couldn’t figure out which piece I wanted the most, the problem being, it’s just all too good!

claudie pierlot vivetta backpack

The Vivetta x Claudie collaboration is basically themed around cats… A cat collar, clutch bag, gloves, baseball cap, backpack and trainers. Basically I love everything to do with this collaboration; Vivetta, Claudie Pierlot and cat motifs. Meow!

claudie pierlot vivetta cat collar

claudie pierlot vivetta cat trainers
vivetta claudie cat hat

cat collar claudie pierlot x vivetta

claudie pierlot vivetta cat clutch bag Which is your favourite piece of the Vivetta x Claudie collection?

The Leather Satchel Co.

Leather Satchels were not always a fashionable handbag. Neither were they available in every colour and finish under the sun. Instead satchels were made in black and brown and  worn by school children. That’s where The Leather Satchel Co. started life, making satchels in Britain in the 60’s for school children.

leather satchel co. blue tote handbag

The Leather Satchel Co. still make each bag in their Liverpool workshop, they make a verity of sizes, shapes and colours of bags. My personal favourite being The Satchel tote bag. It is made from thick sturdy leather, patch detail, adjustable straps which are rolled and padded for comfort. The Leather Satchel Co. are so proud of their bags, each one comes with a 5 year guarantee and it is so classic, the design won’t date in that time either.

leather satchel company black tote handbag

I ordered the Tote bag, but I struggled to decide if I wanted it in Classic black or super Cute Baby Blue. I ordered both so I could see them in real life and make my decision, but I am struggling to decide… so please help me! Which one should I keep and which should I return!?!

leather satchel tote bag