Montblanc: A Parisian Winter Tale Part 2

A few days ago I announced I was working with one of my favourite luxury brands, Montblanc, to share their Winter campaign with my readers, A Parisian Winter Tale. 

The story is written by Tatiana de Rosnay, the French author, it is set in Paris and beautifully depicted in paper. In this part of the film she is alone and walking the streets of the 7th arrondissement. While she loves watching the Parisians hurry around the streets with bulging shopping bags under bright lights, there is an air of sadness to the woman. It reminds me of when I was in New York one Christmas with friends, I loved the lights, the trees, the window displays and the excitement of Christmas, but a tiny part of me felt sad that I was not at home with my family. Sometimes you just have to look around and realise how lucky you are to be experiencing such magical moments and remember you will see your loved ones soon enough!

I hope you enjoyed A Parisian Winter Tale Part 2, stay tuned for the next part!

Get The Look: Scandi Style

asos scandi trend

Last month I was in New York, the month before I was in Paris, it’s no secret I travel a fair amount and I love seeing the different styles in each country. One thing I have noticed lately is how big Scandi-style has gotten, in East London, Paris and New York. It seems to be a huge trend in each city.

So what is Scandi-style? 

Gender-blenders: Girls with masculine shapes and accessories, boys in slim fit jackets and jeans.

Mannish Shoes: No heels over here, unless it’s a low cowboy boot. Ask yourself if a man would wear the shoes. If it’s a yes, go for it! Bonus points if it has a clompy sole.

Ankle Flashers: While flashing the ankle is pretty popular these days, to channel Scandi-style, you need to go a little higher. Even if you are wearing an ankle boot, you need to roll those trouser legs up as if you are avoiding the worlds deepest puddles and going on the longest bike ride ever!

Monochrome: Black, white, nude, grey and maybe navy. If you are feeling daring. If you do add in a stripe or a grid print, keep it super simple.

Labels: ASOS is basically one-stop-scandi-shop, look our for their own brand, Monki, VagabondFjallraven, Pull & Bear.

This blog post was written in collaboration with ASOS.

Montblanc: ‘A Parisian Winter Tale’

With the holiday season just around the corner the luxury maison Montblanc is pleased to announce the launch of  beautiful new Christmas Campaign – ‘A Parisian Winter Tale’, a celebration of the Christmas season in a special, animated paper world accompanied by an exclusive Christmas story written by French author Tatiana de Rosnay.

As a big fan of Montblanc I am working with them to share this campaign and share my own Christmas memories.

Enjoy the preview video, it’s really rather special, it is a beautiful story and beautifully animated and I hope you will all enjoy the rest of the series!

Had to Have It: Joanna Pybus

I first blogged about Joanna Pybus a lonngggggg time ago and I have been wanting one of her monster clutch bags since then. I finally took the plunge and bought one, after all, the heart wants what it wants!

joanna pybus monster clutch bag cat clutch vivetta claudie pierlott

I have a bit of a crazy clutch bag obsession at the moment; theMonster ClutchTrick or Treat Clutch,  Cat Clutch are some of my favourites.

joanna pybus monster clutch bag

What do you think of my new clutch bag? I’m not sure what I would do without Etsy in my life to bring me these kinds of awesome things!

Christmas Gift Guide: What To Buy Your Hipster Sister

Is your sister super-cool and you want to buy her the perfect Christmas gift? This is the gift guide for you! Want to know What To Buy Your Hipster Sister for Christmas, here it is!

hipster sister fashion gift guide uk fashion blog

Lazy Oaf Top / Moschino Cap / Vagabond Shoes / Models Own Nail Polish / Rookie Year Book / Mulberry Bag / Miu Miu Sunglasses / Nike Trainers / Nail Decals / Bleach London Hair Colour.

Dr. Marten’s Cherry Red Shoes

Dr Martens cherry red shoes 1461's uk fashion blogger wordpress cherry red oxblood uk fashion blogger

My Dr. Marten’s shoe collection seems to be growing by the day at the moment. Since I went on the Dr. Marten’s factory tour last week, I have barely worn another brand of shoes. I can’t get enough. They are both comfortable and stylish, plus if it rains, I know I won’t get soggy feet.

So welcome to my wardrobe, Dr. Marten’s Cherry Red 1461’s, I got them from Cloggs Footwear and I love them!

Interesting fact: Dr. Marten 1461’s are named so, as the first ever pair was made on the 1St April 1961. The design has never changed.

Do you like my new shoes?

Winter Candle Joy!

aromatherapy associates candle winter fashion blogger

It is cold and dark, but there are somethings you can do in Winter, that you just can’t do in Summer, for example, drinking hot chocolate instead of tea (with no judgement).

Another thing you can do in Winter, is burn luxury scented candles all day, every day. Just for fun, just because it’s winter. Personally, I like to think they beat the Winter blues. I also like to think they give me extra heat and light in the living room during the dark and cold months.

My current favourite is this Aromatherapy Associates Joy candle. It has three wicks, so the scent fills the room fast and it burns evenly. It is a combination of Ginger and Rose and it is really warm, floral and spicy.

Don’t let the cold weather get you down; light a candle, make a hot chocolate and have a lovely day!

Christmas Gift Guide: Those who love to lounge around!

What do you buy the friend who loves nothing more than a lazy evening? Here is my gift guide for your friend who loves to lounge around!

lounging gift guide relax

Wildfox Eyemask / Cup & Saucer / OnePieceDance All Night… Wildfox Jumper / Teapot / Dressing gown / Emu Boots / Candle / Balance Me Hand Cream.

Let’s talk about Origins for a moment!

origins ginger burst fashion blog uk

I feel like I am a little late to the party with Origins Skincare. Did you know their face masks are the top selling masks in the UK, by both revenue and units? They outsell every other brand as people adore them. When I heard this, I thought to myself, ‘I gotta get me some of that’.

I was invited to an evening at Selfridges with the Origins team recently and heard all about the brand and products. They travel the world to find the best nature and plants have to offer and combine it with science to give results. The also have incredible ethics and commitment to preserving the earths natural resources. It was pretty incredible to learn about! I have used origins in the past and loved it, but I haven’t used any in a while and I figured it was time to try some more!

Over the last week, I have been using the Origins Incredible spreadable smoothing Ginger Body Scrub and Ginger Burst body wash. Both of which I absolutely adore and I know I will be back for more when they run out! It leaves my skin clean, soft and smelling great. The ginger is warm and festive, but also really clean and fresh. I also have my eye on the face scrub, eye gel and infamous face masks too!

If like me, you are new to the brand, but want to find out more, I would recommend popping into their new Selfridges London space, which is in the therapies beauty hall, just before the food court. You can have a full consultation with the staff and even book in for a 25 minute free facial to try out the products.

They also have some great starter kits which make perfect Christmas gifts (or for yourself if you want to try the brand out) and if you spend over £50 on products you can get a free Nanette Lepore cosmetics case for free too (while stocks last).

Have you discovered Origins products yet?